Zzz Shanty

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Zzz Shanty is a nautically themed skill in the Dragon Quest series. It puts one group of enemies to sleep for no MP cost, making it similar to the Snooze spell.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

WaveSong is a hybrid ability learned by reaching rank 5 as a Mariner or Bard immediately after completing the other. Functionally, it works exactly the same as the Troubadour's Lullaby skill. In the 3DS version, hybrid abilities no longer exist and is instead learned normally by reaching rank 5 as a Sailor.


The name "Zzz Shanty" is a play on the term, sea shanty, a type of work song commonly used to accompany labor on merchant sailing vessels, and zzz, an onomatopoeia used to imply snoring or sleeping.