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Dragon Quest VII
DQVII Sharkeye.jpg
Japanese name シャークアイ
Title Captain
Class Pirate
Race Human
Family Anaïs (wife)
Hero (descendant)

Sharkeye (シャークアイ, Shākuai) is a pirate and the captain of the Sea Dragon in Dragon Quest VII. He becomes an important figure to the story.


Sharkeye has tanned skin and long black hair with shaggy bangs. He wears a red headband around his forehead and a brown pirate's outfit with a red cape, along with a sword which he carries on his belt. Sharkeye also has the Water Mark on his arm, much like the Hero does.


Sharkeye hails from the land of Buccanham, but his true home is his warship, the Sea Dragon. When Buccanham was sealed away by the Demon King, Sharkeye and his crew were the only ones brave enough to sail the seas and fight monsters. Recognizing his bravery, the King of Buccanham made Sharkeye the captain of the royal navy. Sharkeye leaves his pregnant wife, Anaïs in the care of the king, knowing well that his battle with the Demon King could be his very last. He knows that it is his duty to fight against the forces of darkness. The battle proved to be unsuccessful, as the Demon King encases the Sea Dragon and its crew in ice, and places a curse on the kingdom of Buccanham. After the party awakens the power of the Fire Spirit in the present, the Sea Dragon and its crew were freed from their icy prison, and sailed to the island of Estard, being led by a pathway of flames on the ocean. Mayor Mayde takes his ship to investigate the enormous warship, believing that perhaps Pollock was taken onboard. The Hero and his party offer to board the ship, since if the crew is hostile, they will be able to fight any threats. However, the rope to the ship was cut, and the Hero falls into the ocean below. Sharkeye's crew rescues the Hero and brings the party onboard. During the night, the Hero has a vision of Buccanham in the past, seeing Sharkeye on the eve of his final battle with the Demon King. The party explains that centuries have passed by now, but he is skeptical and asks them for proof. The Hero shows him the Sea Serpent Sabre he once owned, which Sharkeye left in the care of King Buccanham. Sharkeye knows he speaks the truth now, and asks to speak man-to-man with the Hero. He explains that the sword is a gift from the Water Spirit, and notices that the Hero has the Water Mark on his arm, just like him. Sharkeye lifts the sword up and it floats in the sky, displaying a huge Water Mark. A disembodied voice begins to speak from the Mark, belonging to the Water Spirit, who tasks the Hero with awakening the power of the other Great Spirits, before going to Rainbow Cove, where she is sealed. Only when the Four Great Spirits have been awakened can the world be unsealed again from the darkness.


It is implied that the Hero is his descendant, because he has inherited the Water Mark from the Water Spirit.