Sea Serpent Sabre

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Sea Serpent Sabre
Japanese 水竜の剣
Old localizations Aquagon
Found in Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest X
Effect Summons Tidal Wave (Maelstrom in 3DS version) when used as an item in battle.

The Sea Serpent Sabre (formerly known as the Aquagon) is a powerful sword bestowed upon the Hero from the King of Buccanham in the past after lighting the Beacon with the Guiding Light.


The Sea Serpent Sabre is a gift bestowed on humans by the Water Spirit, which is why it bears the Water Mark on its hilt. On the eve of the final battle with the Demon King, Sharkeye left the sword with King Buccanham for safekeeping. When the party boards the Sea Dragon for the first time in the present, Sharkeye has trouble believing the party's claims that centuries have passed since he and his crew were frozen by the Demon King. He asks the party for some kind of proof and the Hero shows him the Sea Serpent Sabre, dispelling any doubts Sharkeye had, as it is the very same sword he once wielded. Sharkeye then asks to speak man-to-man with the Hero, and lifts the sword into the sky, where it floats and the marks on both the Hero and Sharkeye's arms begin to glow. The Water Spirit then speaks to both of them, telling the Hero to call upon her at Rainbow Cove after awakening the other three Great Spirits.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

The sword increases attack by +125, style by +52, and summons a Maelstrom when used as an item in battle. It can only be equipped by the Hero.