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(For the Dragon Quest IV location originally given the name, see Pharos Beacon.)

The Beacon is a dungeon in Dragon Quest VII that can be found to the north on the same island as Buccanham. It was once lit with a sacred flame at the top, but monsters serving the Demon King took it over and replaced it with a flame of darkness that sealed the island away from the rest of the world.



In the past, the lighthouse was important to the people of Buccanham due to the sacred flame known as the Guiding Light at its very top.[1]However, when the monstrous servants of the Demon King attacked, the sacred flame was extinguished and in its place, a flame of darkness was lit instead, plunging the island into darkness and sealing it away from the rest of the world. The tower was built by human hands and was designed with a series of traps in order to prevent anyone from reaching to the top and extinguishing the Guiding Light, but it quickly became infested with monsters.[2]The Hero and the party eventually find themselves in Buccanham from the Shrine of Mysteries and witness the curse of Buccanham firsthand when they try to spend the night at the inn. The next day, the King of Buccanham calls the party to the palace and asks them for help with extinguishing the black flame at the Beacon. But they must first acquire some Glowmoss from the Den of the Dwarves in order to follow one of the monsters back to the Beacon due to the impenetrable darkness covering the island.

Just as the party makes their way back to Buccanham with the moss in hand, they are just about to witness another of the baby-turned-monster about to make its way to the Beacon. Just at the last minute, the Hero is able to apply the glowmoss to the monster's feet, creating a set of glimmering footsteps that leads all the way to the Beacon. The king thanks them for acquiring the moss then asks for their help once more by following the monster to the tower, allowing them to spend the night at the royal palace. The next day, the king informs them that they will be able to extinguish the black flame at the top with the help of some Prism dew.[3] If the player has not already acquired the Prism dew beforehand, the empty bottle that the party still has can be filled at the Rainbow Cove on Estard Island by taking the Blue Teleportal inside the Shrine of Mysteries.

The party leaves the next day and journeys to the Beacon, where a path has been laid out with the help of the monster's moss-covered feet. The path leads them to the very top of the lighthouse after bypassing the various traps inside and they come across a black flame, not unlike the one encountered earlier in the depths of the Burnmont. After using the prism dew to extinguish the flame, the party is transported to a dark and mysterious dimension via a teleportal. The moss-covered footprints continue to another chamber, where Togrus Maximus lies in wait at the end. He states that he has been waiting patiently for the party to arrive, then challenges them to a battle. The party is able to defeat the villain after a difficult battle, but with his dying words, he states that even though Buccanham may have been saved, the Sea Dragon will continue to remain frozen. After his body disappears, the babies that were transformed into monsters return to their original forms and the group returns to the top of the Beacon.

The group journeys back to Buccanham Palace, but before they have a chance to celebrate their victory, King Buccanham informs them that Anaïs has disappeared suddenly. He asks for their help once more by lighting the Beacon once again with the Guiding Light from Emberdale, giving them a letter to present the Gaffer there. The king believes that monsters kidnapped Anaïs due to the party's actions at the Beacon, but believes that by lighting the sacred flame once more, they can lift the darkness from the island. The group makes a quick visit to the village and the Gaffer states that he's more than happy to lend the party some of the Guiding Light after finding out about the grim situation. They then return to the island of Buccanham and make the trek to the very top of the Beacon once again. Once at the brazier, the party lights the brazier with the Guiding Light, extinguishing the darkness from the island.[4]Guards from Buccanham Palace arrive just as the flame is lit to thank the party and they take some of the flame with them to light the brazier at the palace, as well.







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(After the Demon King's resurrection)


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ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolCandela
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisGrand phare
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschLeuchtfeuer
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoLumen


  1. NPC in Buccanham: "The Guiding Light that once shone so brightly from on top of the Beacon originally came all the way from Emberdale, you know. It's not burning any more, of course. Instead they say they've got this strange black flame up there now. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a gateway into the monsters' world or something similarly spooky..."
  2. Ambassador of Buccanham: "The interior of the Beacon was filled with traps and other devices to protect the Guiding Light from bandits and the like."
  3. King Buccanham: "As you may have heard, a sinister black flame burns atop the great tower. Should the chance present itself, I can assure you that all of Buccanham would thank you for extinguishing it. My scholars inform me that a substance known as prism dew ought to do the trick."
  4. Guard from Buccanham: "We came here as fast as we could... (pant) And it's true! The Guiding Light is burning in the Beacon once more, the darkness is gone and it looks like we're not sealed off from the world any more either!"