Sky fry

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The Sky fry (formerly BabyCloud) is a monster in Dragon Quest VII. It is found in the The Beacon in Buccanham in the present, the Coastal region in Disc 2 and they are summoned by the Cumulus rex.

#149 - Babycloud
Sky Fry DQVII PSX.png
HP MP Experience Gold
188 26 105 65
Attack Defense Speed
103 85 94
Dropped Item Leather Hat
Locations Buccanham
Spells Sleep
Capture Rate Hard
Bestiary # 149
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX


Flying fiends with permanently puckered to help them look far cuter than their skills and strength suggest. Swarming into battle and overwhelming opponents for with Snooze, sending all enemies to sleep, and smacking at an entire party with the Swoosh spell. An endless stream of Sky Fry can be summoned by Cumulus Rex, making them a frightening force to behold in battle.

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