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Yggdrasil dew is a recovery item in the Dragon Quest series. It recovers all party members HP. For this reason, supplies are generally rare.


Dragon Quest IV - Dragon Quest V - Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Yggdrasil dew can be collected from a pool in Zenithia. Only one vial of dew can be carried at a time; you must use up yours before collecting another sample.

In Dragon Quest IV, however, more than one Yggdrasil dew can be obtained. One can be obtained in the Yggdrasil Tree, and in the Nintendo DS Version, the other can be obtained in the Stairway to Zenithia. Getting either of these will prevent the player from getting one in Zenithia, but if the dew is obtained in the castle first, then it's possible to have 2 (3 in the DS Version).

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Yggdrasil dew can be purchased in a shop in present Gröndal for 1000G. Only one vial of dew can be carried at a time.

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