List of helmets in Dragon Quest VII

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Legend: H = Hero, K = Kiefer M = Maribel, Ruff = R, S = Sir Mervyn, A = Aishe
Name Attack Type Equip Notes
Canny Cap 0 Hat HMRSA Wisdom +30
Leather hat 3 Hat HKMRSA
Hairband 4 Circlet MA
Pointy hat 5 Hat HKRSA
Hardwood headwear 6 Helmet HKSA
Shellmet 8 Helmet HKMR
Mad cap 8 Hat HMRSA
Tin pot 9 Helmet HKRS
Fur hood 11 Hat MRSA
Turban 12 Hat HKRSA
Raving Mad Cap 13 Hat HMRSA 75% off of spell cost
Silver tiara 14 Circlet MA
Bunny ears 15 Hat MA
Iron helmet 16 Helmet HKSA
Top hat 17 Hat HS
Pirate's hat 19 Hat HRS
Iron mask 22 Mask HKA
Hermes' hat 24 Helmet HKMRS
Duplic hat 25 Hat MRS Spells echo
Pillager's helmet 25 Helmet HKRA
Platinum headgear 28 Mask HKA
Slime crown 31 Helmet HKMRSA
Mythril helm 32 Helmet HKMSA
Happy hat 37 Hat HMRS Restores 1 MP per four steps
Thinking cap 37 Circlet HKSA Wisdom +15
Seacow sallet 40 Helmet HRA Cuts Woosh by 33
Haywire helm 42 Helmet KRA Cursed: causes confusion
Golden tiara 43 Circlet MA Death/Fizzle/Sleep/Fuddle cut to 1/8th accuracy
Great helm 45 Helmet HA
Sun crown 52 Helmet HKMRSA Immunity to kamikazee and sleep
Pyros Helm 53 Helmet HA Reduces Death/Fizzle/Sleep/Fuddle accuracy to 1/8th
Metal King Helm 60 Helmet HRSA Reduces Death/Fizzle/Sleep/Fuddle accuracy to 25%
Mask of Implacability 255 Mask HKMRSA Cursed: causes confusion