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Sa'id (originally Saide) is one the present chief of Dune's sons in Dragon Quest VII. He could join the party temporarily when you are going to gather the materials to revive the Earth Spirit.


After The Almighty's apparent revival, The Hero and Party are directed to the Elder of Al-Balad after Queen Neferta of the Temple Palace recommends one of his sons as an ally.

As the other three sons show cowardice in the matter, Sa'id is chosen to aid the party and bids goodbye to his cats before joining. The five of them visit an old man in the center of the vase of town who leads them to The Oasis and begins drawing an image of the Earth Spirit, only to forget what the face looks like. Without any idea of what to do, Sa'id and The Party are point to the Shrine at the bottom of the Temple Palace where they have to save his brothers from some monsters that found their own way in.

The three siblings confess their intent to obtain the Royal key which seems to be the only Shrine treasure not to have been stolen in order to persuade Sa'id to renounce being the future elder of Al-Balad. He agrees due to lack of interest in taking the position and takes the key. The Party then revisit the Queen Neferta who informs them of the key being able to open a door in The Likeness and that they need to investigate it.

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