Grody Grotto

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The Grody Grotto (formerly Marsh Cave) is a dungeon located to the northwest of Greenthumb Gardens in Dragon Quest VII. It is surrounded by a poisonous marsh, giving the notorious cave its name.


In the past, the Grody Grotto was a common haunt for treasure hunters, but it had a bad reputation as none of them were able to return. It turns out that those rumors were started by a monster named Grody Gumpdrops, who used the rumors to lure unsuspecting travelers to his cave in order to kill them. However, he and his goodybag minions don't stand a chance against the party and he is defeated, giving them access to the treasures he has accumulated. This cave is one of the few dungeons the party does not have to venture into in order to "save" the world in which it belongs. This means it is theoretically possible to explore the cave and defeat Grody Gumpdrops before the events at Greenthumb Gardens take place. Inevitably the party will have to journey inside at some point, as there are two Fragments located there which are necessary for reaching the next world.

The cave no longer exists in the present, with La Maison Grodie appearing where it once stood.



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