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Hackrobat (formerly Deathpal) is the enemy found on Mt. Ceide in L'Arca in Dragon Quest VII.

Deathpal DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
520 0 200 250
Attack Defense Speed
Locations L'Arca
Skills Dazzleflash
Wind Sickles
Family Demon
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX


Long before the party arrives, L'Arca was protected by the white wolves. Hackrobat threatens the town. The white wolves fought the monster and sealed him in a coffin within Mt. Ceide, the mountain of God. However, it did not come without a price. Many wolves were slain. For a time, there was peace.

However, sometime before the arrival of the party, the coffin was opened from the outside and Hackrobat returned. He started to kill the wolves that imprisoned him long ago. One of the casualties was a mother wolf. She gave birth to a wolf cub who was taken in by a local farmer. To spite the wolves, he cast a spell on L'Arca which changed all humans into animals and vice versa. He returned to Mt. Ceide afterwards.


The party arrives at Mt. Ceide. The party finds the source of L'Arca's troubles, Hackrobat. He explains what he did. It is during that moment that a young boy arrives and bites the monster. The party, along with the woodcutter, engage the monster in combat. The party defeats Hackrobat and the boy bites him again. With this bite, the monster is paralyzed. He realizes that the boy is actually a white wolf who was caught in the spell that he cast in L'Arca. As a final spite, Hackrobat casts his final spell on the boy. This spell curses him to remain in human form forever. The party reseals the dumpy demon in the coffin again, undoing the spell in L'Arca.


The party goes to Mt. Ceide and return to the place where the monster was previously sealed. They hear a voice telling them to run away or face the consequences. Instead, they opened up the coffin once more. Hackrobat is revealed to be in a human form now. He figures that it is punishment for what he did before. He recognizes the party and wants to make up what he did to the young boy Ruff in the past. He tries using magic to return Ruff to his wolf form but he fails. Instead, he makes him more human and gives Ruff the power to speak the human language. Ruff is ecstatic that he is finally able to communicate with the party. Hackrobat also gives the party an Aquashard. The party leaves Mt. Ceide to continue on their adventure.


The room in which the player fights Hackrobat has a magic seal which means that the party cannot cast spells. Therefore, it is advisable to have the party stocked with herbs to heal. Hackrobat can attack twice in one turn. He can also blind the party with Dazzle Flash, making their attacks miss more often. Finally, he can use Wind Sickles which can knock off 30-40 HP.

The Woodcutter also fights with the party but his physical attack is lacking. He will, however, use herbs to heal the party. Do not count on him if your party members are hurting in health though. The Hero should use physical attacks all the time, stopping only to heal should it become necessary. Kiefer should use Flameslash all the time. Maribel should be given herbs and heal the party when their HP reaches 25 or so. If she has the Follow Suit skill, she can cast Dazzle Flash and Wind Sickles on Hackrobat if she is hit with it. As long as the player keeps attacking and keeps their HP up, the fat fiend will fall.


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