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The village of Providence (formerly Probina) is on an island southwest of Estard Island.


Providence has long been in isolation from the rest of the world. One day a priest washes on their shores, body bloodied and clothes torn. In his hand was the Goddess statue, a golden statue of a goddess. The people of Providence took him in with open arms.

One day, monsters, disguised as soldiers from the Rucker Empire come to attack Providence. The people of Providence have fended them off as much as possible, helped by the Goddess Statue. The townspeople believe that Rucker has come to take the Goddess Statue.


The party arrives at the island of Providence from the Shrine of Mysteries. They cross a bridge that separates the warp from the town of Providence. One of the townspeople near the bridge spots the party and wonders if they are soldiers from the Rucker Empire.

The party enters Providence. There, they are accosted by two members of the village, wondering if they are soldiers from Rucker. When the party expresses confusion, the duo let them enter the town, telling them that when they have finished their business to leave. The party explore the town, heading into the Mountaintop Tunnel, which leads to a church at the mountain's summit. Inside the church, they see Abraham, the town's elder talking with his son, Caleb, and the priest. Abraham wants a peaceful negotiation with the emperor of Rucker. However, Caleb blames the Goddess statue for all of Providence's troubles. Impulsively, he goes to the shrine to take the Goddess statue and heads to the bridge near Providence. The party follow him.

When Caleb and the party reach the bridge, they see the Rucker forces lining up on the bridge. The captain tells Rucker to surrender. However, Caleb figures that the foreign army is after the Goddess statue. He throws the Goddess statue down on the ground and shatters it in half. The captain is shocked at the action but then is overjoyed. He tells Caleb that part of the reason he came to Providence was to destroy that statue but now that he did it for him, there is nothing protecting the town. The captain and his army reveal their true form as monsters. Under Captain Skraw's orders, the monsters attack Providence.

Caleb, realizing that his actions have endangered the town, runs back, the party right behind him. There they find the townspeople fighting the monsters. Caleb and the party head back to the mountain church. There Caleb explains what had just transpired to the priest. The priest sees smoke rising from the town and suddenly remembers his past. His previous village was attacked by monsters as well, but he fled by jumping into the sea. Eventually he washed up on the shores of Providence with no memories. The priest leads Caleb and the party into the church's cellar and locks the door. He believes that the monsters are actually after him and so he has decided to face the monsters alone. He is killed by the monsters.

The next morning, Caleb and the party open the cellar to see the church destroyed. As they head back to the town, they notice that the townspeople have had their souls stolen. As Caleb is overlooking the destruction caused by the monsters, he drops a chest that he picked up from the cellar. In it is a relief of a wounded goddess healing herself in the spring. They show the relief to Caleb, who remembers that the priest once purified the Goddess statue in the same manner in the spring. The party gets the idea to collect the pieces of the Goddess statue that Caleb broke.

They return to bridge near Providence where the pieces are scattered. Collecting them, they head towards the spring at the mountain's summit behind the church. Before they can restore the statue, Skraw appears. He commends the late priest for anticipating this event. However, he refuses to allow the party to restore the statue. He engages the party in a fight.

The party fight a losing battle. However, Caleb enters the spring and helps them restore the Goddess statue. When it is in the spring, the statue is restored to its original self. The power of the Goddess statue weakens Skraw to the point where he is no match for the party. The party is able to defeat him, but Skraw completely destroys the Goddess statue with the last of his strength.

Caleb thanks the party for defeating Skraw. As he bemoans the fate of the village, Sir Mervyn tells him to be quiet and listen. There is something going on outside the spring. Everyone goes to investigate and sees that all of the souls that were stolen are returning to their bodies. Caleb thanks the party and he returns to the village. Everyone is overjoyed that the monsters are gone but are saddened by the passing of the priest. They promise to remember the actions of the priest forever.


In the present, Providence has had an explosion in population. Children outnumber the adults. Also, the citizens of Providence have been living longer so there is an increase in senior citizens as well. The church at the mountaintop is rebuild and Caleb's descendants serve as priests there.

Shops & Services[edit]


Local shop
Item Price Attributes
Morning star 5,500 +43 Attack/+14 Style
Dragontail whip 7,500 +52 Attack/+33 Style
Fire claws 7,700 +53 Attack/+21 Style
Saw blade 8,800 +54 Attack/-2 Style
Icicle dirk 9,000 +62 Attack/+31 Style
Medicinal herb 8 Restores a small amount of HP
Antidotal herb 10 Cures poison status effect

Armour Shop
Item Price Attributes
Legerdemantle 4,200 +37 Defence/+10 Style
Silver mail 9,100 +43 Defence/+40 Style
Magical skirt 8,700 +45 Defence/+35 Style
Heavy armour 9,500 +50 Defence/-30 Style
Platinum shield 3,500 +25 Defence/+40 Style
Dragon shield 3,500 +26 Defence/+25 Style
Iron mask 3,500 +22 Defence/-10 Style


ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Morning star.png Morning star5,500+43 Attack/+14 Style
File:ICON-Dragontail whip.png Dragontail whip7,500+52 Attack/+33 Style
File:ICON-Fire claws.png Fire claws7,700+53 Attack/+21 Style
ICON-Saw blade.png Saw blade8,800+54 Attack/-2 Style
ICON-Icicle dirk.png Icicle dirk9,000+62 Attack/+31 Style
File:ICON-Sage's staff.png Sage's staff15,000+50 Attack/+12 Style
Armour Shop
Item Price Attributes
Legerdemantle 4,200 +37 Defence/+10 Style
Silver mail 9,100 +43 Defence/+40 Style
Magical skirt 8,700 +45 Defence/+35 Style
Magic armour 11,000 +47 Defence/+38 Style
Dragon shield 3,500 +26 Defence/+25 Style
Iron mask 3,500 +22 Defence/-10 Style
Pillager's helmet 4,500 +25 Defence/+15 Style


Price per person
20 Gold Coins

Other notable attributes[edit]

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.


Town (Past)[edit]

Goddess statue (top) & (bottom) (Both pieces on the bridge)

Town (Present)[edit]

Mountaintop Church (Past)[edit]

Mountaintop Church (Present)[edit]

Nearby monsters[edit]



(After the Demon King's resurrection)


Warning: Spoilers
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  • Very devil (Briefly appears in the armour shop after the Goddess's scroll and Priest's key is obtained, but is optional)
  • Skraw (Mountaintop Church)


  • Providence - The Town
  • Small Bridge Near Providence - The bridge that separates Providence from Vogograd.
  • Mountaintop Tunnel - A cave behind Providence that leads to the church at the mountain's summit.
  • Mountaintop Church - The church of Providence. There is a spring behind the church that is used for rituals.

Notable Residents[edit]

  • Priest - A priest formerly from Vogograd. He has amnesia.
  • Abraham (originally Elder Ordeux) - The village elder
  • Caleb (originally Razuel) - The son of Abraham. He is an impulsive man.
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