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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VII
Japanese Name バロック
Race Human
Family Antonia (daughter)

Antonio Pomposo (バロック, Baroque, formerly Baloch in the PSX version) is a character in Dragon Quest VII. He is an eccentric architect and inventor from El Ciclo who is obsessed with time.


Pomposo is responsible for the strange and colorful design of El Ciclo, as well as a number of unusual pieces of architecture. His latest creation is El Magnifico Puente, a bridge which connects El Ciclo to the town of Greenthumb Gardens. However, the people of El Ciclo have not seen him in some time, as he has taken to staying at his studio, located to the east of town. When the party begins to notice that the same day keeps repeating in town, they decide to make a visit to El Estudio de Pomposo to speak with him.

The designer is immersed deeply in his work and hates being disturbed, but he is intrigued when he finds out about the time loops from the party. Apparently he has been experiencing the time loops as well and his conversation with the party confirms his suspicions. He gives the party the key for La Torre de la Hora, the clocktower in town, which allows them to freeze time for the inhabitants of El Ciclo. When the time has stopped, a portal appears in the basement of Pomposo's old studio in town, which leads to Inside the Time Frame. There inside the time pocket, the party encounters the Time Being, who is using the Sands of Time to create an infinite time loop for the inhabitants of El Ciclo. The party is able to defeat the monster and return time back to normal.

In the present, his legacy remains as El Monumento de Pomposo, a tower built to house his greatest treasures, dedicated to his daughter, Antonia.


Pomposo appears to be based on the famous Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudí, whose eccentric style of architecture inspired the design of El Ciclo, as well as the Monument of Pomposo. This is also apparent considering the name of him and his daughter.