The Time Being

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The Time Being (formerly TimeSage) is a boss in Dragon Quest VII. It is found in the Time Pocket Cave in El Ciclo.


The Time Being is a large, imposing humanoid dressed in elaborate green and grey robes carrying a silver glaive-like staff. It wears golden shoes, a small grey bolero jacket on its upper body with a grey and gold cape attached, and a large grey and gold belt around its waist. Its "face" appears to be a singular eye which is mostly covered by its robes and a golden headpiece with two spikes. The Time Being attacks by hurling its staff like a boomerang at enemies, which then teleports instantly back into its hand afterwards.

Boss Encounter[edit]

HP MP Experience Gold
780 904 (with Sidewinder) 362 (with Sidewinder)
Attack Defense Speed
Dropped Item Sands of time
Skills Dazzleflash
Spells Frizzle
Family Demon
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX, 3DS


The Time Being is accompanied by two side winders. They are lined up like this:

  • Side winder
  • The Time Being
  • Side winder

At the beginning of the battle, The Time Being casts Bounce, instantly reflecting magic back to the caster. When this spell wears off, it will recast it. As such, magic won't be effective against this boss. Plus, to make matters more frustrating, the side winders use the Sands of Time at various times during the battle, resetting the fight back to the beginning. As such, the side winders must be defeated first. Then, focus on The Time Being. The Time Being has the Frizzle spell, which is devastating if the party isn't equipped with fire reducing armor like the platinum mail that can be bought in Litorud. Also, it can use Dazzleflash to lower the accuracy of your party.

First, deal with the side winders and then pound away using the party's most powerful attacks. Give Maribel the staff of salvation and let her heal the party. Once the side winders are defeated, the fight becomes much easier.


The Time Being's name is a pun based on the English phrase, "for the time being," a phrase of time which means for the present, or until some other arrangement has been made.

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