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Dragon Quest X
Japanese name ナドラガ
Race Dragon God
Family Lutiana
Holy Bird

Nadraga is the main villain of Version 3 of Dragon Quest X.


  • Nadraga is similar to Rhapthorne from Dragon Quest VIII. Both are villains that were sealed away, both wield specters during their fights, and have very big final forms.
    • However, Rhapthorne was sealed away in the Godbird sceptre and needed the 7 Sages' heirs to be dead in order to be free, while Nadraga needed to be freed by the reunifaction of the 5 regions of Nagaland, the Creator's core, and Estelle as a host.
  • The Hero going inside the Nadraga decoy body to fight him is similar to Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Kid Icarus: Uprising. However, the inside is strangely more peaceful, with dark clouds looming over the horizon.
  • Nadraga is the 2nd Dragon Quest villain to succeed in a goal. The other 2 were Rhapthorne and Mordegon.
  • Nadraga's design is a combination of Rhapthorne and Cell, the latter from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Nadraga is the first final boss to not belong to the ??? family, belonging to the Dragon family instead. The second is Kyronos, who belongs to the Material family, albeit in his fist forme.
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