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Queen Ferz (originally Ramada) is a giant purple cyclops boss, a master of hypnosis and a member of the Order of Zugzwang in Dragon Quest V. She is encountered at Crocodilopolis, posing as the Hero's mother, Madalena.


Queen Ferz is first encountered when the Hero and his team access Crocodilopolis, which happens to be the time of its completion. She is disguised as Madalena and appears to be giving a ceremonial speech to the slaves, who are all under mind-control, while also guarding the statue of the Hero's wife.

As Madalena, the queen will attempt to persuade the Hero to swear loyalty to the Order. The Hero must refuse to do so; otherwise he and his party will be cursed before engaging the imposter in battle.

Queen Ferz
HP MP Experience Gold
3600 255 8500 800
Attack Defense Speed
300 180 55
Dropped Item Oaken club14096
Locations Crocodilopolis
Skills Inferno
Spells Kacrackle
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS


Queen Ferz has the ability to hypnotize the minds of many slaves. However, the party is able to resist her control, making them a major threat. The imposter cyclops doesn't much HP compared to earlier bosses, and relies a lot on weak attacks. Queen Ferz, unlike many Dragon Quest bosses, cannot attack more than once per round.

Personality and traits[edit]

Despite being a pallet-swap of monsters like Gigantes and Atlas, Ferz is deceptively intelligent and cunning. Before engaging the Hero in battle, Ferz will give a convincing act as the Hero's mother. If the Hero fails to see through the ruse, this will enable Ferz to inflict a curse on the Hero's party, thus giving her an advantage in their battle. Another difference between her physical-based counterparts is that she has a great degree of magical capability. Ferz had the ability to single-handedly brainwash an entire legion of slaves. In addition, Ferz has enough magical capabilities to transform herself into the spitting image of another individual.

Unlike Bishop Ladja, Ferz is fanatically loyal to King Korol, referring to him as a God-King.


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