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Dragon Quest V
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Sprite(s) Dq5 younghero-sprite.gifDq5 hero-sprite.gif
Title Varies
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Pankraz's Son (During all of Generation I)
Crocodilopolis Slave (Start of Generation II)
Escaped Slave (After arriving to Heaven's Above Abbey)
Drifter (After defeating Faux dowager)
Monster Master (Speaking to a boy in Hay after reuniting with Saber)
Class Hero
Race Human
Age 6 (initially)
16 (after first timeshift)
24, possibly older (after second timeshift)
Family Pankraz (father)
Madalena (mother)
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Prince Albert (uncle)
Gertrude (cousin)
Parry (son)
Madchen (daughter)
Bianca Whitaker (possible wife)
Mr. Whitaker (possible father-in-law)
Nera Briscoletti (possible wife/sister-in-law)
Debora Briscoletti (possible wife/sister-in-law)
Rodrigo Briscoletti (possible father-in-law)
Romana Briscoletti (possible mother-in-law)
Voice actor Konami Yoshida [child], Ryō Horikawa [adult] (CD Theater)
Riku Ônishi [child], Takeru Satoh [adult] (Your Story, Japanese)
Julian Lerner [child], Yuri Lowenthal [adult] (Your Story, English)

The Hero is the main character of Dragon Quest V.

Like all protagonists in the Dragon Quest series the player provides him with a name of his or her choosing, though many fans refer to him as Madason for distinction, being the name his father wanted to give to him at birth in the opening scene, and that he is called Madason when appearing as an NPC in Dragon Quest VI which would imply that it is his canonical name.

The default name for The Hero in-game in Japanese is Abel (アベル). In the CD Theater audio drama, the official novelizations, and Dragon Quest: Your Story, The Hero is named Luca (リュカ,Ryuka).

Appearance and Personality[edit]

As a child, he wears a light green tunic tied around his waist with a rope, silver bracelets on both arms, dark gray boots on his feet; a wooden stick is held in his right hand. As an adult, he wears a white tunic, partly torn; a leather belt and green pouch around his waist, silver bracelets on both arms, blue socks and dark gray boots on his feet; a wooden staff is held in his right hand, his hair is also tied back into a ponytail.

As with all Heroes in the series, he is the avatar of the player and thus his personality is left for them to interpret. That aside, several NPCs remark that he has a profound sincerity in his eyes--it is this trait that inspires monsters to join him.


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Unlike a majority of Dragon Quest games, which focus on the chosen one destined to strike down evil, Dragon Quest V tells the story of the individual who guides and aids this chosen one, making for a unique experience. The player also has the choice of having The Hero marry (and later have children with) either Bianca or Nera, or, in the Nintendo DS remake, Debora. Because of this setup, the game follows The Hero over a period of 20 years, another unique element.

Generation 1[edit]

The Hero starts off as a young boy who is journeying with his father Pankraz on a boat. As The Hero and Pankraz are getting of the boat, they meet the wealthy Rodrigo Briscoletti, and his daughters, Nera and Debora Briscoletti. The pair head north to their home town of Whealbrook, where they reacquaint with Sancho and The Hero's childhood friend, Bianca Whitaker.

After Bianca and her mother pick up cold medicine for her father, Whitey, Pankraz and son accompanies them back to Roundbeck. During their stay at the inn, Pankraz comes down with the same cold and has to sleep it off. During this time, Bianca drags The Hero along on adventures at the Uptaten Towers, a haunted castle to the north. After ridding the ghosts, The Hero finds a curious Gold Orb on the roof. Returning home, they convince some boys to stop tormenting a sabercat cub, whom accompanies The Hero back to Whealbrook.

Back home, Pankraz stays in his study, leaving his son to his own devices. Within the town, several villagers complain of a prankster causing mischief. The Hero spots the culprit in the pub: an ethereal fairy named Honey, who was trying to get attention due to a problem in her homeland. Since The Hero is the only villager that can see her, she takes him and his sabercat to Faerie Lea. The leader, Treacle, explains that someone stole the Herald of Spring, which prevents her from ushering in the new season, leaving the world at risk of perpetual winter. After tracking down the thief, Dwight, it turns out he was coerced by the Winter Queen into stealing the herald. After defeating the both of them, Dwight accepts defeat and returns to his father, while The Hero returns the herald to Treacle. Grateful for his help, she promises to return the favor some day when he's older, and The Hero returns home.

After Pankraz finishes his business, he and The Hero leave for Coburg castle where Pankraz and The Hero are in charge of keeping an eye on the young prince Harry. Soon later, Harry is abducted by thugs, and Pankraz rushes off to his rescue, with The Hero following to the Ancient Ruins. Down inside, The Hero meets up with Pankraz, and the two find Harry but they are soon ambushed by monsters. Pankraz stays behind, telling to take Harry out of the ruins quickly. Unfortunately, before the children reach the exit, they encounter Bishop Ladja, who easily defeats them. Pankraz soon arrives, but Ladja puts a blade to The Hero's throat, forcing Pankraz to stand down and is slain. With his dying breath, Pankraz reveals The Hero's mother is still alive and implores him to continue finding her. Ladja and his minions take the children to the slave camp at Mount Azimuth, while he shatters the Gold Orb.

Generation 2[edit]

Ten years pass, and The Hero is now 16 years old. He, along with Prince Harry, have grown up laboring at the slave camp. After an altercation with two of the slave drivers, who were abusing a fellow captive named Maria, the two are approached by her brother, one of the guards, who arranges for the three to escape via a barrel. After drifting through the central sea, they soon wash up at the Heaven's Above Abbey where they recover. While Maria stays as an initiate, The Hero and Harry depart to try to fulfill Pankraz's final request.

After obtaining a wagon from a trader in Fortuna, and learning how to tame monsters, the pair head north to discover Whealbrook was razed years ago. During their stay, they find a cache left behind by Pankraz deep inside Whealbrook Adit - where they find the Zenithian sword and a letter from Pankraz explaining that he has been searching for The Legendary Hero and the Zenithian gear, as Madalena was captured by the forces of Nadiria years ago. Heading west to Roundbeck, the two learn that Bianca and her family have since moved away, as well as some disturbing rumors about Coburg. Upon returning, they learn Harry's father has passed on leaving his half-brother Wilbur as king, and the Queen Dowager is enacting a tyrannical rule over the kingdom. Sneaking into the castle via a secret entrance, they pass through the dungeons -- where they find the real Queen Dowager held captive in a cell. After entering the courtyard, they speak with Wilbur, who discreetly passes a key to Harry in order to access a teleportal. Wanting to determine who is the impostor, The Hero and Harry set off to find Ra's Mirror stored at Abovitall Tower. With it, the false queen is unmasked and defeated. Harry decides to stay at Coburg to help his brother run the kingdom, leaving The Hero to continue his journey alone.

Acting on a tip from King Wilbur, The Hero sails to the continent of Zephyrus to reach the village of Mostroferrato, the last known location of the Zenithian shield. There he meets up with Rodrigo Briscoletti, who trying to find suitors for his daughter Nera - with the shield as a wedding gift. Applying as a bachelor, The Hero is tasked with find both the Circle of Fire and the Circle of Water to be deemed worthy. After retrieving the first ring from the volcano in the south, Rodrigo lends his yacht to let find the other ring in the Cataract Caves. Along the way, a large watergate blocks the path, and The Hero stops at the nearby mountain village of Stockenbarrel. There he meets with his childhood friend, Bianca, now a young adult. She agrees to unlock the watergate and help him to retrieve the ring.

Back at Mostroferrato, Mr. Briscoletti was impressed at The Hero fulfilling both tasks, and agrees to let him to marry his daughter. However, when she notices Bianca, she wants to make sure The Hero doesn't also have feelings for his childhood friend. Mr. Briscoletti asks to The Hero to decide which woman he wants to marry, promising to finance the wedding either way. Before he can decide, Nera's temperamental sister, Debora, appears and offers herself as a candidate (in the DS remake) as a challenge. After The Hero makes his decision, he and the chosen bride a wed. After the celebrations, Mr. Briscoletti presents them both the Zenithian shield and a personal yacht. With their new ship, the newlyweds sail south to Helmunaptra, where the prophetic ruler, Queen Cleohatra, shows them the Zenithian helm stored in a vault, awaiting the arrival of The Legendary Hero. After that, they sail east to find The Hero's homeland, Gotha.

After crossing a treacherous mountain pass, they arrive at the castle town of Gotha, where it is revealed that Pankraz was originally its king until he departed years ago, and is currently ruled by his brother Albert. Reuniting with Sancho, he presents The Hero and his wife to King Albert, who states that he wants to relinquish the throne to his nephew. Meanwhile, it is revealed The Hero's is pregnant with a child, and she remains at the castle. At the chancellor's insistence, The Hero must travel to the nearby Riteof Passage and retrieve the Royal Insignia before he can be coronated.

After returning from the cave of trials The Hero learns that his wife is giving birth, and soon after she gives birth to twins - a boy and a girl. After a night of celebrating the coronation of The Hero as the new king of Gotha, The Hero's wife is kidnapped in the middle of the night by monsters. After tracking her to Knightmare Towers, he finds her captive by Kon the Knight. Unfortunately, after defeating Kon, they confronted by Bishop Ladja, who reveals that she has Zenithian blood and is destined to give birth to The Legendary Hero. He turns both of them to stone in order to prevent this -- unaware that she had already given birth to the Legendary Hero.

Generation 3[edit]

NOTE: While it is possible that The Hero is 16 throughout all the events of Generation 2, the game does not specify The Hero's age at the time he is turned to stone by Bishop Ladja. As the third generation starts, The Hero is at least 24, but possibly older.

Eight years pass before The Hero is finally discovered by Sancho and the children. After restoring him to life, it is revealed that his son is able to wield the Zenithian sword -- he is The Legendary Hero that Pankraz had been searching for. Now recovered, The Hero and his children continue searching for their mother.

Following a tip by Albert, they travel to the Lofty Peak, the birthplace of Madalena, where they obtain a Flying Carpet. With this, they are able to reach the Stairway to Zenithia, where an elderly Zenithian cryptically mentions that the Magma staff can open up the cavern leading to the sunken castle of Zenithia. Traveling down the tunnel, they find a strange man on several mine carts that introduces himself as "Dr Agon," and tags along until they find the castle. There they discover the castle fell into the lake because of the loss of the Gold Orb -- which was destroyed by Ladja. Stumped, he tells The Hero to seek out the Faeries, who originally manufactured the orbs.

Traveling to the Neverglade, The Hero and children transit back to Faerie Lea, where Treacle finally repays the favor by presenting the flute needed to reach the Faerie Palace and seek Queen Caramel. Upon arriving, the queen explains that don't have the power to create a new orb -- only creating a bauble -- but provides an alternate means. Through a magical portrait, The Hero is able to revisit Whealbrook from when he was six years old. Encountering his younger self, he swipes the original golden orb with the bauble, thus enabling him to restore Zenithia to flight. Traveling to the secluded Talon Tower, they retrieve the Dragon orb which enables "Dr Agon" to restore himself back to his true form: the Zenith Dragon.

Riding on the Zenith Dragon's back, the trio fly to the great temple of Crocodilopolis atop Mount Azimuth. Here, they discover his wife, still a stone statue, has been relocated here and rescues her. With the family reunited, all that remains is to travel to Nadiria to find Madalena and confront the Grandmaster of the Underworld.


The Hero can equip certain swords, Boomerangs, Whips, Staves, Flails, and even the metal king series of equipment. His HP growth is very high, likely to balance out his low Resilience stat, with all other attributes varying in growth throughout the game. His luck stat is interesting, as it's growth rate is very poor in the beginning but grows by leaps and bounds in the second generation onwards.

The Hero is a very versatile fighter. He also is very good in magic, although, as is the case with most Heroes, his spells mainly revolve around healing and support.

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 24 530
MP 0 500
Strength 11 255
Agility 5 200
Resilience 3 120
Wisdom 6 170
Luck 4 255
Initial gear Cypress stick, Plain clothes


Level Learned Original Japanese PT Translation DS Version MP Description
4 ホイミ
Heal Heal 3 A simple healing spell.
6 キアリー Kiarii Antidote Squelch 2 Cure an ally from Poison.
8 バギ
Gale Woosh 2 A wind spell that affects a group of enemies.
9 スカラ Sukara Upper Buff 2 Raises the defensive power of an ally.
11 ベホイミ
Healmore Midheal 5 A stronger form of Heal.
12 インパス
Identify Peep 3 Cast on an treasure chest to reveal if its safe.
14 リレミト
Outside Evac 8 Cast in a cave to return to the surface.
16 バギマ
Tornado Swoosh 4 A stronger form of Gale.
18 マホキテ Mahokite Absorb Absorb Magic 2 Get some MP from spells cast on you.
22 ベホマ
Healall Fullheal 7 Restores an ally to full health.
28 メガザル Megazaru Farewell Kerplunk All Caster gives up his own life to revive all fallen companions.
29 ザオラル Zaoraru Vivify Zing 10 Cast for a 50% chance of returning an ally to life.
32 バギクロス Bagikurosu Aerocross Kaswoosh 8 The strongest wind spell; affects an enemy group.
* ルーラ
Return Zoom 8 Allows instantaneous travel to places previously visited.
* パルプンテ Parupunte Chance Hocus Pocus 20 A random effect spell.
  • Zoom and Hocus Pocus are learned via a sidequest at Zoomingale.


Dragon Quest V (All) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Cypress stick Attack +5
Bamboo spear Attack +5
Oaken staff Attack +9
Copper sword Attack +12
Boomerang Attack +15
Iron Staff Attack +22
Edged boomerang Attack +25
Lightning staff Attack +27
Chain whip Attack +28
Steel broadsword Attack +33
Pankraz's sword Attack+40
Serpent sword Attack+42
Cautery sword Attack+45
Dream blade Attack +55
Flametang boomerang Attack +65
Staff of resurrection Attack +66
Siren sword Attack +70
Zombiesbane Attack +80
Dragonsbane Attack +90
Miracle sword Attack +100
Dragon staff Attack +125
Flail of destruction Attack +125
Metal king sword Attack +130

Bold text==Titles== During the course of the game, The Hero's title changes at certain plot points. The full list of titles is the following:

  • Pankraz's Son - start of game.
  • Crocodilopolis Slave - while at the slave camp at the start of generation 2.
  • Escaped Slave - after escaping from the slave camp.
  • Drifter - when Harry leaves the party.
  • Monster Master - after finding Saber in the Scary Lair and speaking to a boy in Hay.
  • King of Gotha - after the coronation.
  • A Hero's Father - after Parry obtains the Zenithian helm; this also changes his title to Legendary Hero.

Other appearances[edit]

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

The Hero is called the Legendary Monster Wrangler and he appears as a S-rank member of the Hero family as part of the limited True Dragon Quest V event, appearing on his own banner alongside Hyperanemon. He can participate in his father, Pankraz Gotha's Battle Road as a party member.

Legendary Monster Wrangler (伝説のまもの使い Densetsu no ma mono tsukai)Tactlogo.png

Family Rank Role
Tact Icon Hero.png
DQTact Rank Icon S.png DQTact AttackType.png
Max Level HP MP Move
130 1,328 526 3
Attack Defense Agility Wisdom Weight
418 507 455 283 65
Basic Skills
First Second Third
Dragonic Gust
Character Builder: Call Ally
Dragonic Gale* Zenithian Zephyr*
Coup de Grâce: Extreme Exhalation*
Awakening Skills
First Second Third
Plaisir de Fight / Stats Up Woosh Res +25 / Stats Up King of Gotha: Battle start or action start: Grants +20% damage dealt if user's HP is 50% or over. / Breath Potency +5% / Stats Up
Fourth Fifth
Zam Res +25 / Stats Up Max HP +100 / Breath Potency +5% / Stats Up
Leader Perks
Raises breath potency of all non-??? allies, including himself, by 25% in a 5x5 square around him.
Basic Perks
First Second Third
Max HP +30
DEF +20
Legendary Monster Wrangler: Battle start: Reduces damage by 20% for 1 turn. Action start until turn 10: Reduces damage for all allies in the surrounding large rhombus (incl. self)) by 20% for 3 turns (self: 4 turns). Breath Potency +2%
Perk Details
Plaisir de Fight: Action start on odd turns up to turn 10: Raises damage dealt, DEF, and AGL for 3 turns, removes some status ailments.
Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
Very Weak Normal Normal Half Res
Bang Resistance * Zap Resistance * Zam Resistance * Snooze Resistance
Very Weak Normal Half Res Immune
Poison Resistance Physical Lock Resistance Spell Lock Resistance Martial Lock Resistance
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Breath Lock Resistance Hobble Resistance * Stun Resistance * Dazzle Resistance
Half Res Normal Normal Normal
Curse Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confusion Resistance Charm Resistance
Super Weak Super Weak Half Res Normal


  • Even though after the second timeshift The Hero is 24, he is still physically 16 because he never aged while he was turned to stone. It is the same for whichever wife The Hero chooses.
  • Interestingly, The Hero actually has some spoken lines in the game: when the six year old Hero meets his adult version in Whealbrook, as well as when traveling back in time through the portrait, the "other" Hero has spoken lines upon talking to them.
  • One of The Hero's titles, "Monster Master," is very similar to the 9th Chosen One' title in the remakes of Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen.
  • Madason's tattered clothing would inspire the illustrations of the Monster Master vocation in the Nintendo 3DS remake of VII and all versions of X.
  • In the English version, father recommends the name Madason for The Hero. Humorously, if the player chooses the name Madason, then the father will recommend Erdrick instead.
  • In the Japanese SNES version, at the prologue, The Hero's father Pankraz suggess to name the character Tonnura (トンヌラ), but The Hero's mother rejects it and uses the name which the player decided. If the player uses Tonnura at the begnning, Pankraz will want to name the character Satochii (サトチー).
  • In the Japanese PS2/DS remake version, The Hero's father suggests the name Aberu, while the player chooses this name at beginning, Pankraz will want to name him Tonnura.
  • He is given a color palette reference for one of the 8 costumes for The Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, being the alternate coloration for Arusu.
  • The Hero's adult voice actor in the CD Theater also voices another of Akira Toriyama's characters, Vegeta, one of the main protagonists in Dragon Ball Z.