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Dragon Quest V
Japanese name マーサ
Romaji Māsa (Martha)
Race Loftinian
Family Pankraz (husband)
The Hero (son)
Warning: Spoilers!
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Prince Albert (brother-in-law)
Bianca Whitaker (potential daughter-in-law)
Nera Briscoletti (potential daughter-in-law)
Debora Briscoletti (potential daughter-in-law)
Prince of Gotha (grandson)
Princess of Gotha (granddaughter)
Voice actor Chikako Kaku (Your Story, Japanese)
Cissy Jones (Your Story, English)

Madalena is a character from Dragon Quest V.

She is the Hero's mother, and her disappearance shortly after his birth is the key event that drives the game's story.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

Madalena is from Lofty Peak, descended from the keepers of the portal to Nadiria. During a visit, King Pankraz of Gotha met and fell in love with her, and they married. However, shortly after their son was born, she was abducted by the forces of Nadiria due to her heritage as Grandmaster Nimzo was trying to infiltrate the world. Pankraz traveled the world with his young son in tow, searching for the legendary hero and the Zenithian gear to aid him in rescuing Madalena. By the time their son was only six, he had only managed to recover the Zenithian sword.

Before Pankraz was slain by Bishop Ladja, he informed his son that Madalena was still alive and implored him to continue his quest. During the Hero's journey in search of the legendary hero and equipment, he married a woman who was eventually revealed to be of Zenithian descent. Their own son would turn out to be the very hero that Pankraz had sought.

At Crocodilopolis, the priestess leading the temple appeared to be Madalena, but was in fact Queen Ferz in disguise. After confronting and defeating King Korol of the Order of Zugzwang, Madalena reached out to her son telepathically, imploring him to stay away from Nadiria in safety while she tried to keep the growing powers of the Grandmaster sealed, as she feared not even the legendary hero could stop him now.

The reunited family decided to enter Nadiria anyway, and after emerging in the underworld to the Nadiria Teleportal, Madalena reached out again. She decided not to stop them from trying to stop Nimzo, and bestowed a Sage's stone to aid them. The Hero and his family finally meet his mother on the plateau of Mt. Zugzwang, where she warns them that Nimzo was very powerful, and tries to seal him away with her power, only to be struck down by him (with the help of Ladja in the remakes). Yet despite her fears, her son, grandson, and family were able to defeat Grandmaster Nimzo in the heart of his stronghold, ending his threat once and for all.

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