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Starkers is a bonus party member available in the remakes of Dragon Quest V. He joins the party after the player completes the bonus T'N'T board successfully, which is only available after defeating Estark. Starkers is the son of Estark, and although he is very weak at first, at high levels he is easily the strongest character in the game.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 305 999
MP 0 999
Strength 147 255
Resilience 159 255
Agility 124 255
Wisdom 71 255
Luck 99 255
Flame breath 1
Ice breath 1
Frizz 1
Sizz 1
Bang 1
Woosh 1
Crack 1
Zap 1
Death/Paralysis 1
Kamikazee 1
Poof 1
Dazzle 1
Snooze 1
Drain Magic 1
Fizzle 1
Fuddle 1
Sap 1
Poison 1
Stun 1


Dragon Quest V (DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Kafrizzle 1
Meditation 5
Disruptive Wave 10
Holy Protection 15
Scorch 20
Starkers Storm 30
Zoom 40
Kaboom 45
C-c-cold Breath 55
Starkers Slash 65


  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Shields
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Chain Sickle Attack +27
Steel Broadsword Attack +33
Serpent Sword Attack+42
Cautery Sword Attack+42
Magma Staff Attack+63
Dream Blade Attack +65
Staff of Resurrection Attack +66
Dragonsbane Attack +90
Massacre Sword Attack +95
Demon Spear Attack +99
Double-Edged Sword Attack +99
Blizzard Blade Attack +105
Great Bow Attack +110
Hell Sabre Attack +120
Dragon Staff Attack +125
Flail of Destruction Attack +125
Metal King Sword Attack +130
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Leather Hat Defense +2
Hardwood Headwear Defense +6
Iron Helmet Defense +16
Iron Mask Defense +25
Hades' Helm Defense +30
Great Helm Defense +45
Metal King Helm Defense +70
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Iron Cuirass Defense+23
Silver Cuirass Defense+40
Silver Mail Defense+40
Dark Robe Defense+55
Magic Armour Defense+60
Flame Armour Defense+70
Hela's Armour Defense+85
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Shields Modifier(s)
Ruinous Shield Defense+0
Scale Shield Defense+7
Bronze Shield Defense+11
Iron Shield Defense+16
Magic Shield Defense+22
Dragon Shield Defense+30
Tempest Shield Defense+35
Dark Shield Defense+37
Ogre Shield Defense+48
Metal King Shield Defense+70