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Kafrizz is a spell in the Dragon Quest series that first appeared in the Joker sub-series of the DQM spin offs before being added to the main titles.

Localization history[edit]

The Japanese spell Merazoma had previously been localized as Kafrizzle in Dragon Quest VIII and the Zenithia trilogy for the Nintendo DS. When the spell Meragaia was introduced in Dragon Quest IX, it was localized as Kafrizzle and Merazoma was changed to Kafrizz.


Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Learned by: Mage Level 53 Incinerates a single enemy with an enormous fireball, dealing 180~200 base damage for 18 MP. Once the caster's magical might surpasses 220, the spell will steadily grow towards it's cap of 307~331.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Kafrizz is a late-game spell, with magi learning it at level 64. It costs 12 MP to cast, and the damage formula is Magical Might x 0.386 + 46. The base range is 152~164, and once the sorcerer's spellcasting skillfulness reaches 871 the range will hit its cap of 376~388.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Veronica learns Kafrizz at level 54 and the Hero at level 56. It costs 21 MP to cast and deals a base range of 146~170 damage before capping off at 287~344.

Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

Called Blazemost in this game, it is an upgraded form of Blazemore. Blazemore will grow into Blazemost when a monster reaches as least level 28 with at least 112 MP and 146 intelligence.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

Blazemost now requires 263 intelligence to upgrade.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 1, 2, & 3[edit]

Kafrizz costs 10 MP as in the main games, and has a base range of 141~171. Once the monster's wisdom exceeds 250, it will slowly approach its max range of 297~327 at 999 wisdom. It is learned through the following skillsets: Frizz & Bang 2, Frizz & Bang 3, Frizz & Woosh 2, Frizz & Woosh 3, Frizz & Zap 2, Frizz & Zap 3, Frizz & Zam 2, Frizz & Zam 3, Fire 2, Fire 3, Hawkhart 2, Nimzo, Uber Dark Dynamiter, Frizz & Sizz 2, Frizz & Sizz 3.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Kafrizz appears as the Hero's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is the fully charged version of Frizz, and creates an explosive, multi-hit flame upon contact with an opponent for 36 MP. The first hit deals 19% damage, with each subsequent flare searing for 3% and totaling for 31% if all six fireballs connect with an opponent. Kafrizz has high knockback and deals excellent shield damage, but the ending lag the Hero suffers means he can be punished if he casts it at the wrong time.

Enemy versions[edit]

When cast by a monster in IX kafrizz will deal 104~127 damage.

Battle Visuals[edit]