Hawkhart (skill)

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Hawkhart is a skill introduced in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker learned by the monster of the same name. It can be upgraded to Hawkhart II. Hawkhart III is learned by the Hawkhart ace.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Hawkhart grants the following abilities:


Ability Skill Points
Frizz 5
Snooze 11
Flame Slash 19
Frizzle 28
Singe 38
Dazzle 48
Sear 60
Fire Guard 75

Hawkhart II[edit]

Ability Skill Points
Frizzle 5
Dazzle 10
Inferno Slash 18
Kafrizz 30
Sear 42
Cremate 58
Kasnooze 70
Fire Guard 85
Frizz Guard 100

Hawkhart III[edit]

Ability Skill Points
Heal 4
Zing 12
Midheal 20
Multiheal 29
Wave of Relief 44
Reheal 58
Fullheal 68
Kazing 80
Omniheal 100

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

Magic Regenerator replaces Fire Guard in Hawkhart. Confusing Touch and Ban Dance Guard replace Fire Guard and Frizz Guard in Hawkhart II. The other abilities remain unchanged.