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The Party of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride is one that builds up over the course several Generations.

Together both Humans and Monsters alike seek to take down Grandmaster Nimzo of Nadiria and his Order of Zugzwang, along with many other obstacles that get in their way.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]


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Note: The player may freely assign names to The Hero's children; in the PlayStation 2 Version the son has the name "Rex" (レックス) by default, and the daughter has the name "Tabatha" (タバサ). In the DS version the son's default name is "Parry", while daughter's default name is "Madchen."

  • The Hero: The only son of King Pankraz and Queen Madalena of Gotha. He wears a signature purple turban. He is the legitimate heir to the throne of Gotha, but traveled with his father Pankraz in his youth. He inherited magical powers from his mother, and has the ability to convert monsters to his side. For the first time in the series, he is something of a cleric-type character with wind-based spells, in addition to having the ability to tame monsters. However he does not learn lightning-based spells and cannot use the Legendary Equipment, as he is not The Legendary Hero. However, he can equip several other powerful pieces of equipment, making him useful in combat. In the official PS2 guidebook, he is called "Abel" (アベル) in the screenshots. The profession listed in his info display changes among the following:
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    • “Son of Pankraz ” 「パパスの息子」 (in the first era of the game)
    • “Temple slave” 「神殿のドレイ」 (in the short period when he is in the Great Temple
    • “Escaped slave” 「逃げたドレイ」 (after escaping with Harry)
    • “Wandering traveler” 「さすらいの旅人」 (after leaving Harry in Coburg)
    • “Master of Monsters” 「モンスター使い」 (after Saber joins the party, after telling the boy in Hay what was done; otherwise it stays “Wandering traveler”)
    • “King of Gotha” 「グランバニア王」 (after the coronation)
    • “A Hero's Father” 「勇者の父親」 (after obtaining the Zenithian helm in Helmunaptra)
  • Pankraz (パパス): Father of The Hero. He was the king of Gotha, but in order to rescue his wife Madalena, who was taken to Nadiria, he left in search of The Legendary Hero, in the company of Sancho and his young son. He is a powerful warrior with a handsome figure, and can cast healing spells. He has a kingly grace and rigor, and a gentle face, but seems cold on his visit of Whitey in Roundbeck, and confused on his visit to Coburg. He cannot be controlled in battle; he will use his own judgment in acting. He is powerful enough that he can often attack twice in one round, and frequently issues Critical Hits. After the end of the battle, he will use his healing spells to restore the HP of The Hero, and the sabrecat cub if he is present. Unusually, these spells will completely recover The Hero's HP, and cure all status conditions.
  • Bianca Whitaker (ビアンカ): The main character's childhood friend. She is blond and has blue eyes. She is the adoptive daughter of Whitaker, the innkeeper of Roundbeck. She is tomboyish as a child and has a heart of gold. She seeks to protect the sabrecat cub from some bullies, with the help of The Hero. A few years later, she and Whitaker move to Stockenbarrel, and her foster mother dies from a disease.
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    • After reuniting with The Hero, she becomes a candidate to marry him. If she does, it becomes apparent that she is a descendant of The Legendary Hero. Since she starts out two years older than The Hero, and spends two years longer as a statue, she is the same age as The Hero in the endgame. If The Hero marries Nera or Debora, Bianca remains single and lives with Whitaker. She becomes a good cook. She learns some fire-based spells. and can equip slightly better items than Nera, but is about equally valuable. She has higher Attack Power and lower Defense Power than Nera.
  • Prince Harry (ヘンリー): The elder prince of the kingdom of Coburg. He is taken into slavery along with The Hero, and is a party member for the first part of the second era. Talking to him afterwards, The Hero learns that he is now happily married to Maria. He is able to equip soldier's weapons and armor, and can use many low-level spells.
  • Nera Briscoletti (フローラ): Daughter of Rodrigo Briscoletti. She has blue hair and eyes, and has a dog named Bingo. Like Bianca, she is an adopted child. Her real parentage is revealed in the ending. She spent over 10 years in a monastery and became a graceful, kind-hearted woman. But she never learned to cook in those 10 years.
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    • Rodrigo plans to have her marry The Hero when he visits Mostroferrato. If she marries The Hero, it becomes clear that she is a descendant of The Legendary Hero. If The Hero marries Bianca or Debora, then Nera will marry Crispin Burns. In the remakes, she meets The Hero and Pankraz during the first era in Littlehaven, and remembers this meeting in her adulthood. She cannot equip as many items as Bianca, but eventually gains the spell Kaboom and is also able to heal, unlike Bianca. Rodrigo will occasionally leave chests containing items for his son-in-law. In particular, he gives the Hero a "Sacred armour" in Hay.
  • Debora Briscoletti (デボラ) is the older daughter of Mr. Briscoletti and was added to the game as of the DS remake. Debora is very bossy, tends to keep to herself, and is considered to be the less appealing of the Briscoletti girls by the citizens of Mostroferrato due to her abrasive personality.
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    • Regardless, Debora will show a caring side to others from time to time, even deciding to offer the Hero a chance to marry her. Debora cannot learn as many spells as Bianca or Nera, but she can equip several more weapons and has higher strength than either of them. In addition, Rodrigo will occasionally leave chests containing items for his son-in-law.
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  • The Hero's Son, Parry, Prince of Gotha: One of the twin children of The Hero and his wife. He, Sancho, and his sister cure The Hero's petrification in the third era. The three will then join The Hero's party. Parry is a descendant of both the previous Legendary Hero (through his mother) and the supernatural bloodline of Lofty Peak (through his father), because of his Zenithian heritage, he is the new Legendary Hero. He is thus the only character who can equip the Zenithian Equipment, and the only one to learn lightning-based spells. As usual for The Legendary Hero, he also slowly gains healing, curing, and resurrection spells. However, his MP will be slightly lower than the other three members of his family. His stats do not depend on whether her mother is Bianca, Nera, or Debora, but he does inherit her hair color.
  • The Hero's Daughter, Madchen, Princess of Gotha: One of the twin children of The Hero and his wife. She uses the Stolos' staff to restore her father at the beginning of the third era. In the PS2 version, the princess is identified as the younger of the two siblings (although they still have the same amount of EXP). She is rather jealous that only her brother can use the Zenithian Equipment as she sees him as her brother first and the Legendary Hero second. She is on good terms with her cousin Gertrude, but finds the mischievous Prince Kendrick of Coburg rather disagreeable. Also she has good relations with The Hero's monsters companions, and can speak with a good number of them. She has low Attack Power, but her other stats are high, and she gains many powerful attack spells, such as the Bang line of spells. Her stats do not depend on whether her mother is Bianca, Nera, or Debora, but like her brother she will inherit her mother's hair color. Curiously, she can still equip Bianca's ribbon even if she is Nera or Debora's daughter.
  • Sancho (サンチョ): A servant in the service of Pankraz. He serves The Hero after Pankraz's death. He is a plump man with a kindly air. He is in charge of educating The Hero, and acted as a foster parent for his children while he was petrified. He revered Pankraz deeply, and grieves for him more than anyone at the expense of being distrustful of other kingdoms. In the third generation, he appears at Patty's Party Planning Place and can be added to the party. He gains various death spells, and in the remakes also gains specialty thief spells. He has high Attack Power, but low Agility.
  • Tuppence (ピピン): A soldier of Gotha. He volunteered to be a soldier, much to the dismay of his father Thruppence. Tuppence desires to become more than just a regular guardsman and will be delighted if the hero chooses the bring him along. Like Sancho, he appears in Patty's Party Planning Place in the start of the third era. He is a Warrior-type character: physically strong and can use many pieces of equipment, but has no spellcasting power at all. He has high HP, and moderate Agility.
  • Saber (ベビーパンサー)/Great sabrecat (キラーパンサー): A feline monster. He is a young Great sabrecub tamed by Bianca and The Hero. Great sabrecat are also known as "Hell's Assassins"; they normally cannot be tamed. He was being bullied by the children of Roundbeck, but was rescued by Bianca and The Hero when they defeated the ghosts of Uptaten Towers. Bianca gave him her ribbon when they split up. In the second era, he has grown into an adult, and lives in a cave west of Hay. He has been driven feral by Bishop Ladja, but can be tamed again using Bianca's ribbon. He is guarding Pankraz's sword. Bianca thinks up several potential names, from which The Hero may choose:
    • In the SFC Version: Borongo (ボロンゴ), Pukkuru (プックル), Tyrol (チロル), Geregere (ゲレゲレ)
    • Additional names in the PS2 version: Andre (アンドレ), Lynx (リンクス), Momo (モモ), Solo (ソロ), Bibinbar (ビビンバ), Gikogiko (ギコギコ). (10 total names)
    • In the English version of the Nintendo DS remake: Saber, Leo, Spot, Mahicat, Tom, Purrcy, Mogy, Punk, Pyjamas, Baumren
  • Dwight (ザイル): The son of a dwarf who lives in the fairy world. In order to make the world freeze, he stole the Fairy Flute from the Fairy Queen. He was then trapped in the Winter Palace. In the PS2 edition onwards, he appears in the third generation as a Monster Companion. He looks like a miniature version of the Hoodlum monster.


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