Rodrigo Briscoletti

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Dragon Quest series character
Rodrigo Briscoletti
Dragon Quest V
DQV Rodrigo PS2.png
Japanese Name ルドマン
Rōmaji Rudoman
Race Human
Family Romana Briscoletti (wife)
Nera Briscoletti (daughter)
Debora Briscoletti (daughter)
Warning: Spoilers
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The Hero (potential son-in-law)
Hero's Son (potential grandson)
Hero's Daughter (potential granddaughter)
Voice Actor Ikuya Sawaki (CD Theater)

Rodrigo Briscoletti (Ludman in the original Japanese) is a character in Dragon Quest V. A wealthy magnate and owner of several ships, he is also the father of Nera and Debora, and lives in a mansion in Mostroferrato.


Warning: Spoilers
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Mr. Briscoletti is first seen during the Prologue as Pankraz and his son are disembarking at Littlehaven. He briefly introduces his daughter Nera to the two, but was unable to introduce his other daughter as she scurried off to the cabin. He is not seen again until after the first timeskip, when the Hero learns that he is in possession of the Zenithian shield. He is only willing to part with it to a man that marries his daughter Nera, and to that end, tasks all potential suitors with retrieving both the Circle of Fire and the Circle of Water to prove their worth.

Once the hero has retrieved both rings, Rodrigo is impressed and allows him to marry his daughter. However, when she notices the hero's friend Bianca, she wonders if he'd rather marry her. Mr. Briscoletti asks him to choose, agreeing to finance the wedding in either case. Before the Hero can make a decision, Debora arrives at the last minute and offers herself as a bride. Once the bride is chosen, the wedding is held and Mr. Briscoletti presents both the shield and a ship as a wedding present.

In the third generation, when the hero and his twin children arrive in Mostroferrato, they discover Rodrigo is in a panic. He explains the his ancestor Rudolph sealed away a demon in a nearby shrine over a century ago, and it is about to emerge. Atop the lookout tower La Guardia, they see the demon, Bjørn the Behemoose, emerge and approaches the town. While he runs off to prepare for battle, the Hero and party manage to defeat the demon before it can cause any damage.


  • When it comes time to choose the bride, it is possible for the Hero to approach Rodrigo himself for some amusing dialogue. While flattered, he declines the Hero's hand in marriage.