Heliodor Sewers

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The Heliodor Sewers are a dungeon located underneath Heliodor Castle in Dragon Quest XI.


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After making their escape from the prison cells of Heliodor Castle, the Luminary and Erik find themselves in the sewers and search for a way out. However, guards from the castle eventually catch up to them and the two are forced to run away. At this point, it is possible to battle the guards and Erik will be able to help out as an uncontrollable ally. The player can choose to hide behind the tall crates to avoid detection and slip past the guards with Erik in the lead.

Erik and the Luminary making their leap of faith.

When Erik and the Luminary get to the next bridge, they are suddenly surrounded on both sides by guards. This causes the bridge to give way, throwing everyone into the water below. They regain consciousness in a dark cavern, having lost the trail of the guards. The two are not out of danger yet, as the caverns are actually the lair of a sleeping black dragon, who wakes up and starts to chase after them. If the dragon catches up the player at any point, they will be forced into a battle. Erik and the Luminary are able to make their way through a space too small for the dragon to get through, but it uses its flame breath against them, which they only narrowly escape from.

Just as the two try to catch their breath, they are found out by a group of Heliodorian guards. The guards give chase to a rocky cliff outside. The hooded thief tells his companion that he has faith in the Luminary and they decide to make a leap of faith. When the two wake up, they find themselves in the Heliodorian Foothills.

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Later in the game, King Carnelian tasks the Hendrik and the Luminary to team up and infiltrate Heliodor Castle by journeying through the sewers through the foothills. He gives them the Sewer Key, which will allow them to open any locked doors and cells in the dungeon. At this point, Hendrik is able to help out in battles as an uncontrollable ally.


   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.


Note: The treasures can only be accessed during the revisit to the sewers.

Item Location
Seed of strength Pot in southwest room
Sage's elixir Treasure chest in locked room on first path
Mystifying mixture Sparkly spot on western side of rectangular path
Mini medal Treasure chest in left locked cell
Perfect panacea Pot in right locked cell
Saint's ashes Treasure chest in northern dead end behind locked door
Wing of bat Sparkly spot to the right of locked cells
Sage's elixir Treasure chest behind locked door on western path

Sparkly Spots[edit]

Sparkly Spots
Item Location
Medicinal herb Sparkly spot at northern dead end of sewers
Silver ore
Gold ore
Platinum ore
Crystal in Dragon's Lair. Only accessible from Act Two onwards.


Act One[edit]

Note: All of the encounters in the sewers at this point in the game are completely optional. Each enemy can be faced again later in the game.

Act Two[edit]

Act Three[edit]


  • Dragon's Lair: The home of a dangerous black dragon, where Erik and the Luminary find themselves here after falling from the bridge. There is a statue here where the player can save their game.


  • During the chase sequence with the dragon, a number of monsters can be seen in the caverns running away as well, including platypunks, lamplings, and metal slimes, but none can be encountered.
  • Defeating the black dragon during the player's first visit to the sewers is not impossible, but it requires either overleveling or the usage of exploits. In either case, the story will progress normally whether or not the player fled from the dragon or defeated it, with only minor changes in the scene. The Dragon Slayer Accolade can be earned at any point during the game.