King Carnelian

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King Carnelian
Dragon Quest XI
DQXI King Delcadar.jpg
Japanese name デルカダール王
Romaji Derukadāru-ō
Title King
Race Human
Voice actor Christopher-Godwin (English)

King Carnelian (デルカダール王, Derukadāru-ō, King of Delcadar) is a character in Dragon Quest XI. He rules the kingdom of Heliodor.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

King Carnelian is an old man with blue eyes, shoulder-length white hair, and a long goatee with a bushy mustache. He wears a long purple robe with gold edges on the sleeves and bottom with an orange and olive rhombus pattern and a gold collar with an intricate design. He also wears a white, toga-like garment with an olive zigzag pattern and small circles near the bottom over his robe and a long red mantle held in place over his left shoulder with a golden two-headed eagle insignia, which is the symbol of Heliodor. His crown is red and green and is decorated with gold, a single green gem at the top, and long black plume.

Carnelian is praised as the wisest ruler in the land and is respected by his people. He is also known as a generous man, but he is strict when dealing with any disorder in his kingdom. The king is known as a master swordsman despite his age.


When the Hero arrives at Heliodor, he is brought before the king, who is skeptical about his claims of being a reincarnation of a great hero. The king declares the Hero to be a Darkspawn and orders his guards to imprison the young man.