Heliodorian Foothills

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The Heliodorian Foothills are a region located to the west of Heliodor. The Luminary and Erik end up here after taking their leap of faith during their escape from the Heliodor Sewers. The next day, the two wake up in a nearby church and decide to make their way back to Downtown Heliodor in order to acquire the Red orb before heading back to Cobblestone.

Erik joins the party at this point.


The Luminary and Erik can rest for free at the church.

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.


Sparkly Spots[edit]

Sparkly Spots
Item Location
Small scale Eastern path at the bottom of well
Medicinal herb
Antidotal herb
Plateau in northwest corner after climbing vine
Cottontop Northwest corner near waterfall
Cottontop Tree in center near slope
Copper ore x2
Crystal west of the bridge
Beast bone Eastern spot after crossing bridge
Sleeping hibiscus Underneath trees close to entrance to the Manglegrove
Buzzberries x2
Flurry feather
Fruit tree on eastern slope
Butterfly wing Underneath stairs leading to Downtown Heliodor


Exploring at nighttime.

Act One[edit]

Act Two[edit]

Act Three[edit]


  • Quest #4: It Takes Two to Tango: Speak to the warrior just outside of the church.