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The Upgradable equipment is a fan term referring to a specific type of optional endgame gear that represents the pinnacle of obtainable gear. Their distinctive feature is that they can be upgraded to be even more powerful, and each piece of equipment comes in 4 stages with each increasing in power.

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

The upgradable equipment make their first appearance in this game and are the best weapons and armours that can be found. The weapons can only be found in a Rank 10 Chest at 1% in the Treasure map Grottos when the armour can be dropped at 2% in different bosses of the Treasure map Grottos.

When found, they can be upgraded with the Krak Pot in the Quester's Rest inn multiple time. The first upgrade for any equipment require an Agate of Evolution and an Orb only dropped by the Legacy Bosses, the second upgrade require 3 Agate of Evolution and 3 Orb of the same colours. A third upgrade making the equipment even stronger is only accessible with a Alchemiracle when doing the second upgrade. If it doesn't succeed, a Reset stone can be combine with the equipment obtained to send it back to the first stage and start again.


Axes (Purple Orb): Bad axe IX Icon.pngBad axeBad axe IX Icon.pngMaxi axeBad axe IX Icon.pngClimaxe / Galaxy axe IX Icon.pngGalaxy axe

Boomerang (Silver Orb): Meteorang Icon IX.pngMeteorangMeteorang Icon IX.pngAsterangMeteorang Icon IX.pngStellarang / GalaxarangIXicon.pngGalaxarang

Bow (Yellow Orb): DQIX Angels bow.pngAngel's bowDQIX Angels bow.pngArchangel's bowDQIX Angels bow.pngAeon's bow / DQIX Seraphs bow.pngSeraph's bow

Claws (Red Orb): DQIX Dragonlord claws.pngDragonlord clawsDQIX Dragonlord claws.pngDragovian clawsDQIX Dragonlord claws.pngDragovian lord claws / Xenlon clawsIXicon.pngXenlon claws

Fan (Green Orb): DQIX Critical fan.pngCritical fanDQIX Critical fan.pngOvercritical fanDQIX Critical fan.pngHypercritical fan / DQIX Dire critical fan.pngDire critical fan

Hammer (Yellow Orb): DQIX Groundbreaker.pngGroundbreakerDQIX Groundbreaker.pngEarthsplitterDQIX Groundbreaker.pngMoonmasher / DQIX Starsmasher.pngStarsmasher

Knive (Purple Orb): DQIX Deft dagger.pngDeft daggerDQIX Deft dagger.pngDarting daggerDQIX Deft dagger.pngDashing dagger / DQIX Dynamo dagger.pngDynamo dagger

Spear (Red Orb): Poker.pngPokerPoker.pngStud pokerPoker.pngSplit-pot poker / DQIX Red hot poker.pngRed-hot poker

Staff (Blue Orb): DQIX Knockout rod.pngKnockout rodDQIX Knockout rod.pngSenseless stickDQIX Knockout rod.pngCatatonic cosh / DQIX Coma cudgel.pngComa cudgel

Sword (Silver Orb): Stardust sword.pngStardust swordStardust sword.pngNebula swordStardust sword.pngSupernova sword / Hypernova swordIXicon.pngHypernova sword

Wand (Blue Orb): Bright staff.pngBright staffBright staff.pngShining staffBright staff.pngBrilliant staff / DQIX Aurora staff.pngAurora staff

Whip (Green Orb): Mega gringham whip DQIX.pngGringham whipMega gringham whip DQIX.pngMega gringham whipMega gringham whip DQIX.pngGiga gringham whip / Über gringham whip DQIX.pngÜber gringham whip


Shield (Green Orb) DQIX Brain drainer.pngBrain drainerDQIX Brain drainer.pngPsyche swiperDQIX Brain drainer.pngDevilry drinker / Soulsucker.pngSoul sucker

Armor 1 (Red Orb) DQIX Victorious armour.pngVictorious armourDQIX Victorious armour.pngGlorious armourDQIX Victorious armour.pngMythical armour / Legendary armourIXicon.pngLegendary armour

Armor 2 (Blue Orb): DQIX tropotoga.pngTropotogaDQIX tropotoga.pngStratotogaDQIX tropotoga.pngMesotoga / DQIX exotoga.pngExotoga

Armor 3 (Yellow Orb): DQIX angels robe.pngAngel's robeDQIX angels robe.pngArchangel's robeDQIX angels robe.pngAeon's robe / DQIX seraphs robe.pngSeraph's robe

Headwear 1 (Purple Orb): DQIX Hallowed helm.pngHallowed helmDQIX Hallowed helm.pngBlessed helmDQIX Hallowed helm.pngWonder helm / DQIX Heavenly helm.pngHeavenly helm

Headwear 2 (Green Orb): DQIX Spring breeze hat.pngSpring breeze hatDQIX Summer cloud hat.pngSummer cloud hatDQIX Autumn shower hat.pngAutumn shower hatDQIX Winter sky hat.pngWinter sky hat

Handwear 1 (Red Orb): DQIX Vesta gauntlets.pngVesta gauntletsDQIX Vesta gauntlets.pngDiana gauntletsDQIX Vesta gauntlets.pngTempestes gauntlets / DQIX Sol Invictus gauntlets.pngSol Invictus gauntlets

Handwear 2 (Silver Orb): DQIX apprentices gloves.pngApprentice's glovesDQIX apprentices gloves.pngMaster's glovesDQIX apprentices gloves.pngGrandmaster's gloves / DQIX godly gloves.pngGodly gloves

Leg armour (Purple Orb): DQIX invincible trousers.pngInvincible trousersDQIX invincible trousers.pngImmortal trousersDQIX invincible trousers.pngEternity trousers / DQIX infinity trousers.pngInfinity trousers

Footwear 1 (Yellow Orb): DQIX Heros boots.pngHero's bootsDQIX Heros boots.pngBasilic bootsDQIX Heros boots.pngEmperor's boots / DQIX Boots of beatitude.pngBoots of beatitude

Footwear 2 (Blue Orb): DQIX Sensible sandals.pngSensible sandalsDQIX Sensible sandals.pngSagacious sandalsDQIX Sensible sandals.pngSapient sandals / DQIX Sentient sandals.pngSentient sandals

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The Upgradable equipment make another appearance in this game with few changes. Only the armors and the helmets return, the weapons are the only equipment who can be upgraded and it's no more random elements to get the final version of the weapon and the armours are only found in their final version. Only the weapons who was existed in the previous game appear, the Greatsword and the Wand doesn't have their own version.

The weapons can be collected at various points in second act while three Forge manuals for upgrade them are found in act 3. The first is found in the Tower of Lost Time, the second in the Sage's Trial of the Drustan's labyrinth and the last is won with a wish from Drustan. The armours are dropped by monsters or forged by the Fun-size Forge.


Sword (chest in Fortress of Fear or First Forest Whale way station): Stardust sword xi icon.pngStardust swordNebula sword xi icon.pngNebula swordSupernova sword xi icon.pngSupernova swordHypernova sword xi icon.pngHypernova sword

Knive (65 Mini medals): Deft dagger xi icon.pngDeft daggerDarting dagger xi icon.pngDarting daggerDashing dagger xi icon.pngDashing daggerDynamo dagger xi icon.pngDynamo dagger

Boomerang (chest in The Manglegrove, Whale Way Station) Meteorang xi icon.pngMeteorangAsterang xi icon.pngAsterangStellarang xi icon.pngStellarangGalaxarang xi icon.pngGalaxarang

Heavy wand (Wheel of Harma third trial, 15 turns or less): Bright staff xi icon.pngBright staffShinning staff xi icon.pngShining staffBrilliant staff xi icon.pngBrilliant staffAurora staff xi icon.pngAurora staff

Whip (Octagonia casino, second act): Gringham whip xi icon.pngGringham whipMega gringham whip xi icon.pngMega gringham whipGiga gringham whip xi icon.pngGiga gringham whipUber gringham whip xi icon.pngÜber gringham whip

Spear (Chest in Fortress of Fear or First Forest Whale way station) Poker xi icon.pngPokerStraight poker xi icon.pngStraight pokerStud poker xi icon.pngStud pokerSplit-pot poker xi icon.pngSplit-pot poker

Claws (Wheel of Harma third trial, 20 turns or less): Beastmaster claws xi icon.pngBeastmaster clawsDragonlord claws xi icon.pngDragonlord clawsDragovian lord claws xi icon.pngDragovian lord clawsXenlon claws xi icon.pngXenlon claws

Axe (Chest in the Battleground): Bad axe xi icon.pngBad axeMaxi axe xi icon.pngMaxi axeClimaxe xi icon.pngClimaxeGalaxy axe xi icon.pngGalaxy axe


Psyche swiper xi icon.pngBrain drainer (Chest in The Battleground or dropped by Red mist)

Psyche swiper xi icon.pngPsyche swiper (Chest in Drustan's labyrinth or dropped by Knight abhorrents)

Devilry drinker xi icon.pngDevilry drinker (Puerto valor casino, third act or dropped by Hooper dupers)

Soul sucker xi icon.pngSoul sucker (Ye Manifold Methods of Mighty Drustan forge manual)

Legendary armour xi icon.pngLegendary armour (The Stuff of Legend forge manual or dropped by Labradrakes)

Exotoga xi icon.pngExotoga (YeManifold Methods of Mighty Drustan forge manual)

Seraph's robe xi icon.pngSeraph's robe (Ye Manifold Methods of Mighty Drustan forge manual)

Heavenly helm xi icon.pngHeavenly helm (The Stuff of Legend forge manual or dropped by Badonis)

Spring breeze hat xi icon.pngSpring breeze hat (Styles for All Seasons forge manual)

Summer cloud hat xi icon.pngSummer cloud hat (Styles for All Seasons forge manual)

Autumn shower hat xi icon.pngAutumn shower hat (Styles for All Seasons forge manual)

Winter sky hat xi icon.pngWinter sky hat (Styles for All Seasons forge manual)


  • Some equipments, the Angel's robe and the Gringham whip, existed in previous games but Dragon Quest IX is the first game who make these equipment upgradable.
  • The Red-hot poker exist only in Dragon Quest IX, be replacing by the Straight poker who become the second version in Dragon Quest XI while moving other weapons in the ligne, the Stud poker moves from second to third versions and the Split-pot poker move from the third place to final version.
  • The first three versions of the weapons in Dragon Quest XI can't have any refinement, only the final version can.
  • The Spring breeze hat ligne in Dragon Quest IX is the only one who only require 1 Agate of Evolution and 1 Orb for each upgrade and don't have Alchemiracle to reach the last version.
  • The Brain drainer and Spring breeze hat ligne in Dragon Quest XI is the only peace of armours where the four versions exist in the game without need to be upgraded.