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A fygg falling from the sky.

Fygg (女神の果実 Megami no Kajitsu, literally meaning; "Fruit of the Goddess") is a shiny golden fruit that plays a major role in Dragon Quest IX.

This fruit that comes from the Yggdrasil Tree upon receiving some amount of Benevolessence. Fyggs have the power to make the dreams of those who eat them come true, but the wish is rarely granted in the way the wisher has in mind. There are seven Fyggs that the player must collect but after the final boss an eighth Fygg falls from the sky, to be collected by Llevithan.

Game description
A golden fruit of the Great World Tree Yggdrasil.


It is a shiny golden fruit with four green leaves on it that has the appearance of an pear that only grows on the Yggdrasil Tree by receiving some amount of Benevolessence.

Characters who have eaten Fyggs[edit]

Locations of the Fygg[edit]

  • Alltrades Abbey — After entering the Alltrades Abbey, you will witness a conversation about the abbot that has gone missing. After learning the party trick "Bow" you must go then to the Tower of Trades where you see when you have reach the top of the tower, the abbot that has been transformed into Master of Nu'un and declares a battle with you. After defeating him you will receive the Fygg.
  • Porth Llaffan — Once you've enter Port Llaffan and talk to some peoples you came to know about a mysterious girl who can summon the Lleviathan which can give the village fish from the ocean. After that you learn to know the girls name as Jona, she told the mayor that she would not summon the Lleviathan any more. The mayor then took Jona to Tywll Cave where she must secretly summon Lleviathan to obtain the fish from the ocean. The Lleviathan then appears and suddenly attack the mayor and declared a battle with you. After you have defeated the Lleviathan it reveals the father of Jona, Dylan Jones. He then give you the Fygg and has been gone.
  • Zere Rocks — Once you have entered Zere Rocks and goes to a house where you can see a Slime a strange noise is heard. Outside there is a statue monster named Garth Goyle who declared a battle. After defeating the mysterious creature, you will see a ghost named Mason. He will give you another Fygg.
  • Bloomingdale — You will obtain the other Fygg after rescuing Marionette from the Bad Cave. Marion the owner of Marionette then make things clear to her until she will give you the Fygg.
  • Gleeba — The other Fygg is in Gleeba. You are trying to get it from the Queen Voluptua but she has other plans to do with it. Her golden lizard Drak then ate the Fygg after that she has cut it into pieces and place them all around the bathing place. Drak transformed into a monster and takes Voluptua to the Plumbed Depths. You must rescue Queen Voluptua and must battle Drak to get the Fygg.
  • Swinedimples Academy — Students has gone missing at the Swinedimple Academy. It turns out to be a old teacher who is punishing bad behaved students. You must defeat him in order to gain another Fygg.
  • Batsureg — The next Fygg is in Gerzuun where you must fight Sarantsatsral in order to get the Fygg.


The Fygg is probably based on the Apples of Eden. The Apples of Eden are forbidden fruits which according to the legend if you eat one of them they will bring forth an ill fate when consumed. It also can be based on the tale about the first two living beings on earth, Adam and Eve who ate the fruit from a tree that God forbid them to take which they both were given divine judgement by God.


A Fygg is in the background of the Dragon Quest IX logo.