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Revocation is the process of changing a character from the maximum level (99) to the minimum level (1) in a single vocation in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. This process is useful for acquiring additional skill points, getting special items, and increasing the chances of getting higher quality treasure maps.

For a single character, revocation can be used 9 times in each vocation. Therefore it is possible to use revocation a total of 108 times for any one character. The first time revocation is used in a vocation, a special item is given to the player as a bonus. It does not matter if the first revocation for each class is done by the hero or by any other party member. The bonus items are accessories which can be equipped for various stat/effect bonuses. After revocating, there will appear a '+#' next to the character's class with '#' being the number of revocations that character has undergone for that class.

Revocation is done at Alltrades Abbey similar to changing classes by talking to Abbot Jack. Although there is an ability in the game which allows characters to perform their own class changes without Abbot Jack, there is no such ability for revocation. Therefore, it must be done at Alltrades Abbey.

As a result of revocation, any single character can gain a total of 11,880 levels (99 max level per class * 10 max revocations per class * 12 classes).

Maximizing skills[edit]

Revocation is necessary in order for a character to maximize his/her skills. Skills are not reset when revocating the way spells are. See Skills (Dragon Quest IX) for more information.

Treasure map quality[edit]

The first 10 times revocation is used by the hero, there is an improvement to the computed quality value of a treasure map. Each revocation increases the possible quality value by 5 points. For more information see Treasure map (Dragon Quest IX).


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