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"Fyggbloom hails the opening of the Heavenly Gates, and sets the Celestrians on the path to salvation.
And lo, it shall be in the celestial carriage that we, the chosen custodians, journey unto the Realm of the Almighty."

—Legend among the Celestrians

Front view

The Starflight Express (Japanese Kanji: 天の箱舟 Hiragana: てんのはこぶね Romanji: Ten no Hakobune Heavenly Ark) is the celestial train which ferries Celestrians from the Observatory to the realm of the Almighty when the Yggdrasil blossoms. The driver of the train is Sterling. During the events of Dragon Quest IX, the train crashes and must be rejuvenated in order to fly again. Once you beat the game (and after completing Quest 147), Sterling gives you ownership of the train.

It is revealed that it has never been used before.



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