Realm of the Almighty

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Realm of the Almighty is a location in Dragon Quest IX. It is located high above both the Protectorate and the Observatory and is reachable only via the Starflight Express. During the events of Dragon Quest IX, it is attacked by Corvus and later transformed into the Realm of the Mighty.


Judging from the hole identical to those in Gittingham Palace, this Realm is right above of the said Palace.

Temple of the Almighty[edit]

The Temple of the Almighty is located at Realm of the Almighty. The first time they entered the Temple, the hero/heroine, Stella, Apus Major and Sterling found that the floor was shattered and the throne of Zenus destroyed with him nowhere to be found. This event resulted to be part Corvus' actions at the start of the game whe he was still prisioner in Oubliette. When they offered the fyggs at the second floor of the Temple, Celestria was awakened from her slumber as the Yggdrasil and told them the origin of why Celestrians were created.

Later on, when Corvus is freed of his cell, this place became corrupted and was transformed into the Palace of the Mighty.

At the postgame, it is shown that Celestria now inhabits the second floor of the Palace and can lead the Hero/Heroine back to the past when the Realm of the Mighty existed to challenge Corvus infinite more times.

Collectable Equipments[edit]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Location
White knight's shield West building at first scene
Mighty armlet South island of inner rainbow



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