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"Stella's Pearly Wisdom, No. 6T45ZZ12: If you're looking to save money, find a dirty cheap inn to stay in."

Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest IX
Japanese Name サンディー
Rōmaji Sandy
Title Co-Pilot of the Starlight Express
Race Faerie

Stella (サンディー Sandī?, Sandy) is a Faerie. She has blonde hair and a very deep tan. She speaks like a "Gal," a term used to describe a young girl, and is notoriously prone to malapropisms. Stella is an extremely important character in the Dragon Quest IX story. In fact, she is the Co-Pilot of the broken down Starlight Express. She promises to help the Hero return to the Observatory if they can prove they're Celestrian. By helping humans, the Hero gathers Benevolessence, though they can no longer see them. Their ability to aid and protect the humans convinces Stella who, restoring power to the celestial train with the Benevolessence, helps the Hero return to the Observatory.

She helps out with the Battle Records. If the hero earns an accolade and views the battle records, Stella will tell them that they earned it and add it to their list of accolades.

Other appearances[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional[edit]

Stella appears as a monster in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional. She was released (in Japan only) as one of many monsters in a cooperative promotion between McDonald's and Square Enix.

Fortune Street[edit]

Stella appears as a playable character in Fortune Street.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Stella appears in the 3DS version in various places on the world map after defeating Rhapthorne the first time. Talking to her nets the Hero several rewards, and talking her picture will unlock challenges in Cameron's Codex.

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  • If tapped with the stylus on the Battle Records menu in DQIX, she will evade (with appropriate sound cue).
  • The shoes she's wearing (Blahnolo Maniks) are named after Manolo Blahnik.