Cap'n Max Meddlin'

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Max Meddling
Dragon Quest IX
DQIX Cap'n Max Meddlin'.png
Japanese name キャプテン・メダル
Romaji Captain Medal

Cap'n Max Meddlin' (Captain Max Meddling) is a Mini medal enthusiast found in the tent in the north-west corner of Dourbridge in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

He is the Dragon Quest IX version of the Medal King which is found in most games in the main Dragon Quest series.

Prize list[edit]

The Cap'n gives items based on the cumulative number of medals the player has given him. This continues until the player has brought him 80 medals. Note that like other medal kings, this is not a straight trade. The player is given all the items up to the total medals collected.

Medals Item
4 Thief's Key
8 Mercury's bandana
13 Bunny suit
18 Jolly roger jumper
25 Transparent tights
32 Miracle sword
40 Sacred armour
50 Meteorite bracer
62 Rusty helmet
80 Dragon robe


After trading in 80 medals, the Cap'n will sell rare items for medals.

Medals Item
3 Prayer ring
5 Elfin elixir
8 Saint's ashes
10 Reset stone
15 Orichalcum
20 Pixie boots


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