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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest IX
DQIX Aquila.png
Japanese Name イザヤール
Rōmaji Izayaarl
Class Warrior
Race Celestrian

Aquila (イザヤール Izayāru?) is a character in Dragon Quest IX. He is the hero's mentor at the beginning of the game. He plays a pivotal role in the overall plot of the story. Aquila is the apprentice of Corvus.

Warning: Spoilers
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After the Hero returns to the Observatory for the first time, Apus Major tells the hero that Aquila came down with the other Celestrians to find the fyggs and the hero. Aquila's whereabouts are still unknown until he appears along with Barbarus to attack the Starflight Express. He takes the seven fyggs which the hero has been collecting and causes the unconscious hero to fall out of the train. However, Aquila then takes the fyggs to Apus Major himself.

Later, Aquila appears before King Godwyn and reveals that he has been working undercover against the Gittish Empire. King Godwyn then kills Aquila, prior to engaging in battle with the hero.

After the game and after Quest #163 "When A Star Wishes Upon You", he becomes available as a party member. Aquila is a level 60 warrior. He is equipped with an aurora blade, white shield, Aquila's armour, Aquila's trousers, and Aquila's boots.



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