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"If you're there, say something. Show yourself."

—Someone in the beginning and ending scene

"The village Guardian will gave been watching is all the way. Nothing bad could ever have happened to us."

Erinn in Angel Falls

Celestrian is a race of angelic protectors who live high above the world Protectorate, in the Observatory. Their duty is to protect their assigned village. They cannot be seen by normal humans, however, normal animals like dogs can. Celestrians can see ghosts and spirits. The Hero of Dragon Quest IX is a Celestrian who falls to world below and becomes a mortal, thus losing their wings and halo. Celestrians guard the people below in return for Benevolessence which is needed for the Yggdrasil Tree to blossom. Celestrians were created by the Almighty One to help his daughter Celestria, prove mortals have goodness in there hearts. The Celestrians believe that once the Fyggs bloom, the Starflight Express will come take them to Realm of the Almighty.


Warning: Spoilers
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A long time ago, Zenus the Almighty One is enraged by the sins of mortals and decided to destroy them. However, Celestria, Zenus's daughter, believes that there is goodness among the mortals, and begged Zenus not to destroy them. Celestria transformed herself into Yggdrasil, the world tree, and vowed that she will not return to her true form until she is proven to be correct. Zenus, while sighed about her determination, created the Observatory and new life to watch over mortals that lived in the Protectorate, and offer the Benevolessence to the Yggdrasil. Zenus named the new life "Celestrians" after his daughter, Celestria.

Named Celestrians[edit]

All English names of the Celestrians (except The Hero) uses a name of a constellation that symbolize a bird.


  • After Corvus was defeated, most Celestrians are turned into stars and rise to sky; however, Pavo stays in Quester's Rest and continues to provide services for the player.
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