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Benevolessence (星のオーラ Hoshi no Ōra?, literally meaning; "Star Auras") is a non-collectable item that plays a role in the Dragon Quest IX. This crystal has been give by humans to the Celestrians gratitude by humans for the protection.


Benevolessence has the appearance of a flying comet instead of a star. It has a shining blue color within the mid in the circle looking part completely white with a green color on the sides. The entire Benevolessence contains glitter all over it.


Benevolessence is a blue-green shining crystallization of gratitude by humans for protection that have been given by them to Celestrians. It can also be obtained by people, and spirits that are thanking you for your blessing. According to Aquila, collecting Benevolessence is a cardinal duty of the Celestrians which they must presenting them to the Yggdrasil Tree in order to make it blossom.

Locations of gathering Benevolessence[edit]

  • Angel Falls — It is the first location where you will get a Benevolessence. You will obtain three Benevolessence in Angel Falls. The first one is in an house where you pick up all the horse manure while the owner is slacking off instead of cleaning it by itself. The second one is a from a old lady who lost her wedding ring. The third one is that you must talk to a ghost on the east side of the town and tells him that he has died.


Benevolessence seems to be a portmanteau of Benevolence and Essence.