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Brigadoom is a dungeon set in the ruins of an ancient castle in Dragon Quest IX. It is the second dungeon visited during the story. Brigadoom was once a great kingdom and ally to Stornway. It was eventually subdued by Morag after she enslaved the Wight Knight.


Warning: Spoilers
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Brigadoom is where the story of the Wight Knight begins and ends. By entering the dungeon and reaching the throne room, the hero learns that Morag took control of the Wight Knight many hundreds of years ago. The Right Knight set out to defeat Morag, but instead was enslaved as the Wight Knight. After enslaving him, Morag took over the kingdom, destroying everything. The exact fate of Brigadoom's princess, Mona, is unknown. However, it is alluded that she escaped to Stornway where her necklace was kept safe until Princess Simona received it.

After learning the complete tale, the Wight Knight attempts to attack Morag, but is driven back and controlled once again. The hero steps in and battles Morag, defeating her and evicting her from the castle. Princess Simona arrives wearing the necklace of Princess Mona. She dances with the Wight Knight, a custom for a newly married bride and groom. The Wight Knight then passes on into the afterlife.

After the events of the story, Brigadoom serves no major purpose in the game.

Monsters in the Area[edit]

Dragon Quest IX   
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#027 Cumaulus 42 G 62 Tangleweb
#028 Skeleton 60 G 81 Cotton gloves
Copper sword
#029 Healslime 30 G 56 Medicinal herb
#030 Blinkster 40 G 64 Leather shoes
Wizard's staff
#031 Leery lout 34 G 68 Leather shield
Bronze shield
#032 Lunatick 32 G 70 Leather whip
Magic water

Other notable attributes[edit]

   Poison puddle.png    This location contains poisonous marshes/swamps.



  • The area gets it's name from the scottish "Brigadoon" (Bridge or "brig" of the river Doon" and the fact that the town was doomed). It is a reference to the musical about a town that only appears once every hundred years.
  • The Scottish ties are more obvious in its sister town, Stornway. Brigadoom is located West of Zere.


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