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The Mirage Mahal is the palace located in the city of Gleeba in Dragon Quest IX. It is the home of Queen Voluptua. It contains the entrance to The Plumbed Depths dungeon which is located beneath the palace.


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The hero arrives at the palace hoping to get an audience with Queen Voluptua. There have been rumors in Gleeba that the queen received some sort of fruit from a traveler. This sounds very much like another fygg has been found. However, the hero is denied entry to the royal baths where the queen is resting.

The hero overhears that the queens pet, Drak, has gone missing. The hero learns that Drak probably escaped the castle, likes shady places, and dislikes clapping noises from the workers in the palace. The hero then locates Drak in a tree outside the palace.

Having rescued Drak, the hero meets the queen. The queen fires the servant who lost Drak and denies the hero his/her request for the fygg. The fygg is missing until it is found by servants near where Drak was hiding. The queen decides to slice it up and put it in her bath. She leaves for the baths and the hero is again denied entry.

The hero learns from a man on the roof that the fountain on the roof leads directly to the bath chamber. The hero jumps in and makes it to the baths just in time to see Drak eating the sliced up fygg. Drak transforms into a hideous monster and grabs the queen before jumping down a well into The Plumbed Depths. The hero follows them into the dungeon.


Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Location
Recipe: "An Encyclopaedia of Gigasteel Armour"
gigasteel shield, gigasteel helmet, gigasteel armour, gigasteel gauntlets, gigasteel kneecaps, gigasteel sabatons
East room of Mirage Mahal - L1
Recipe: "Slanted and Enchanted"
enchanted shield, enchanted armour, enchanted robes, enchanted glove, enchanted stone
West library of Mirage Mahal - L1
Recipe: "Missile Weapons Made Simple"
reinforced boomerang, cutting-edge boomerang, crucerang, longbow, hunter's bow, hotshot bow
West library of Mirage Mahal - L1
Recipe: "Mortal Weapons"
warrior's sword, fizzle foil, sandstorm spear, halberd, slumber stick, hammer handrills
West library of Mirage Mahal - L1
Party trick: salute West library of Mirage Mahal - L1


Quest #33 - "Lady of the Dance"
Location Gleeba - Mirage Mahal - L1 library.
Availability Upon arriving at Gleeba.
Requested by Leftmost bookcase in the first floor library.
Fulfilled to none
Item Required none
Reward Belly Dance Party trick.
Detail You read a book in the Mirage Mahal begging someone to seek out the legendary belly-dancing teacher of the Iluugazar Plains. Apparently, he's very pretty, and always adorn with jewels...
Hint for solution Go to Iluugazar Plains and kill the Goodybags there. Eventually the Dancer (a special Goodybag) will show up and teach you how to belly dance.
Repeatable no
Quest #106 - "Taking Soul Control"
Location Gleeba, on the roof of the palace
Availability Upon arrival in Gleeba
Requested by Brunhild
Fulfilled to Brunhild
Item Required Take 10 hits meant for party members using the Warrior skill Whipping Boy.
Reward Paladin class becomes available
Detail Brunhild at the Mirage Mahal wants to see if you've got what it takes to be a paladin. You need to use the Whipping Boy ability to protect your companions ten times in battle in the Djust Desert.
Hint for solution Find monsters that hit several times or a group of monsters. You have to be fighting in the Djust Desert for the hits to count.
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Location attributes[edit]

   FyggIcon.png    This is where a fygg can be collected.


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