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The following are major and minor characters in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

Warning: This page contains spoilers!

Main Party Members[edit]

Main Characters[edit]

Other Characters[edit]

Angel Falls[edit]

Erinn's grandfather[edit]

The unnamed, elderly grandfather of Erinn, and father of Edwinn. Once an innkeeper in his younger days, he's now an old man living with his granddaughter at Angel Falls. He reveals to Erinn that her father moved to the village due to Erinn's poor health. Later, he becomes incensed by Ivor's poor handling of the inn after Erinn left for Stornway, and eventually takes it upon himself to shape Ivor into a proper innkeeper.


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Ivor (Japanese: ニード [Niido]) lives in Angel Falls and is the son of the mayor there. He is shown to be a troublemaker of sorts and skeptical when it comes to Celestrians. During the Hero's first solo journey to Angel Falls they are allowed to hit Ivor after speaking to a nearby child.

Ivor teams up with the Hero to help clear the landslide blocking Angel Falls from the outside world. During this part he's a temporary party member the player can't command and is equipped with a Copper sword and Pot lid.

He takes over the inn there after Erinn leaves to take over her father's inn in Stornway. According to the traveling merchant staying at the inn there, as well as Erinn's grandfather, the inn has suffered quite a decline in quality after Ivor took over.

However, upon completion of the game, returning to the Angel Falls inn reveals that Erinn's grandfather has managed to shape Ivor into a hard worker. If you speak to the minstrel standing inside the inn, he remarks that the inn is vastly different from the filthy place he had previously stayed at.


Hugo is Ivor's friend and lackey. He follows Ivor around during the early part of the story. He also guards the entrance to the town and let's Ivor get outside.

Mayor Litlun[edit]

The mayor of Angel Falls and father of Ivor. He's rather frustrated with his son's trouble making and general laziness.


Edwinn (Japanese: リベルト [Riberuto]) is the father of Erinn, and the recipient of an Inny for being an Inncredible Inntertainer. According to Patty, the reason why there are no other inns in Stornway is because he was so great at running an inn, the Quester's Rest drove out all the competition. He gave up all of this, however, to bring his daughter to Angel Falls to drink from the magical waters there.

Both he and his daughter share the suffix -inn, as that is what both of them are proficient at running an inn.



Ginny (Japanese: レナ [Lena]) is the banker of the Rainbow's End Trust bank at the Quester's Rest. She allows the Hero to store money (in increments of 1000 gold coins).


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Pavo (Japanese: ラヴィエル [Raviel]) is a Celestrian who resides at Quester's Rest. She allows the player to utilize the local multiplayer features.

King Schott[edit]

King Schott is a the current king of Stornway, and father of Princess Simone. He hires the Hero to resolve the Wight Knight situation. It's later revealed he has been suffering from chronic nightmares. He can be quite stubborn, refusing to reward the Hero until the Wight Knight is gone for good. He does feel guilt about the Knight's suffering however and rewards Hero on Morag's defeat.

Princess Simona[edit]

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Princess Simona (Japanese フィオーネ姫 [Princess Fione]) is the heir to the throne of Stornway and the descendent of Princess Mona. She correctly believes that the Right Knight is not attempting to take the throne, but instead looking for his lost lover. After the Hero defeats Morag, she, accompanied by two royal guardsmen, arrives at Brigadoom and is compelled by her ancestor, Mona to dance with the Knight, which causes his spirit to pass onto the afterlife.

Wight knight[edit]

See main article Wight Knight

Princess Mona[edit]

Princess Mona is the former heir to the throne of Brigadoom, deceased lover of the Right Knight (now known as the Wight Knight) as well as an ancestor of Princess Simona. After the transformation of the Wight Knight, she left for Stornway to marry the current crown prince at the time. Her necklace then passed down into the possession of Princess Simona, who bears a strong resemblance.



Alanna was once employed as Princess Simona's nursemaid, and is a close friend of Petra. She will sing the poem of the Right Knight to the Hero, which contains a clue about Brigadoom.


Petra is a friend of Alanna, and was once the girlfriend of Mason, but had since married.



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Catarrhina (Japanese: エリザ [Eliza]) is the daughter of the Mayor of Coffinwell and fiancée of Dr. Phlegming. She becomes ill and dies as a result of the Ragin' Contagion which is effecting Coffinwell. With her spirit's help, the Hero is able to convince Dr. Phlegming to change his ways and try to become a more active member of the community.

Dr. Phlegming[edit]

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Dr. Phlegming (Japanese: ルーフィン [Rūfin]) is the archeologist who dwells in Coffinwell and studies the history of the town. His laboratory is only accessible after Catarrhina has opened the door.

Dr. Phlegming is quite engrossed in his work. He is anxious to prove himself to his father-in-law, who thinks him unworthy of Cararrinha. Unfortunately, this leads to his ignorance of Catarrhina's condition. Dr. Phlegming accompanies the Hero to the Quarantomb and helps to seal away the Ragin' Contagion. Afterward, the Hero takes Dr. Phlegming around town to meet the townspeople whose lives he helped. The Hero is asked to do this as a final request by Catarrhina. Dr. Phlegming resolves to do a better job of being involved with the people of Coffinwell.

Mayor Laria[edit]

Mayor Laria is the father of Catarrhina. Despite not being on good terms with his son-in-law, he desperately resorts to seeking his aid to end the plague affecting the town. Ironically, after his daughter succumbs to the disease, he and Dr. Phleming become much closer and on friendly terms.

His nature is very similar to Dr. Phlegming's. Both are somewhat arrogant; however Laria accepts his inability to do what Dr. Phlegming can and swallows his pride to help.

Alltrades Abbey[edit]

Jack of Alltrades[edit]

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Abbot Jack (Japanese: ダーマ神官 [Priest of Dharma]) is the highest ranking clergyman at Alltrades Abbey and the only person in the Protectorate able to switch the vocations of people. He is a fruit enthusiast, which causes him to eventually devour one of the fyggs. He goes to the Tower of Trades to accumulate even more power, but is corrupted by the overflow of power and transforms into the Master of Nu'un. The Hero must search for him in the tower and free him from his bondage so that he can return to Alltrades Abbey and do his job.

His name, as well as the name of his demonic alter ego, is a pun on the phrase 'Jack of all trades, master of none'.

Porth Llaffan[edit]

Jona Jones[edit]

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Jona (Japanese: オリガ [Origa]) is the daughter of Dylan Jones, the man who became Lleviathan, and is able to call upon her father to launch a large amount a fish onto the shores of Porth Llaffan. She becomes uncomfortable using this ability to help the lazy villagers as part of the story. She is able to stop and become a normal fisherman after the Hero helps her to realize that Lleviathan is her father.

Dylan Jones[edit]

Dylan Jones is Jona's father. He was out fishing when an earthquake hit, causing him to fall into the ocean. He found a floating fygg in the water and clung to it to save his life. As a result, he was transformed into Lleviathan. He would then watch over Jona by tossing fish onto the beach.

After being defeated by the Hero and speaking to Jona, Dylan gives up the fygg to the Hero. At Jona's request, he quits tossing fish onto the beaches. He remains Lleviathan and retreats back into the ocean.

Mayor Bryce[edit]

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The mayor of Porth Llaffan, he offers to adopt the orphaned Jona Jones. He is rather greedy and unscrupulous, keeping a private fishing hole at Cuddiedig Cliff and hoping to use Jona's apparent summoning ability for his own profit. When Lleviathan arrives to defend Jona, he goes into shock and is bed ridden for a long period of time.


Bryson is the son of mayor Bryce. He fancies Jona and alerts the Hero when his father takes her to Cuddiedig Cliff. He steps forward while Dylan speaks to Jona and says that he will take care of her when he gets older.



An honorable thief at the tavern of Dourbridge. He leads the "B-team," a group of thieves that distribute stolen goods to the poor.

Heights of Loneliness[edit]


A wild woman who walks the path of ranger. She offers to teach the Hero the secrets of her vocation.


An artisan whose old flame was Petra. He left on a journey to become an expert stonecutter, but was distraught to learn that Petra had married another man. He eventually lived as a hermit at the Heights of Loneliness, building many statues, before ultimately creating a stone replica of the village Zere at the summit of the mountain.

Shortly before he died, he purchased a fygg from a man in Dourbridge, and used it to create Garth Goyle to watch over Zere Rocks. His only companion was a slime that remained at the stone village.


Marion Bloome[edit]

Ms. Marion Bloome (Japanese: マキナ [Makina]) was the only daughter of the wealthy Bloome family. A frail girl, her only friend was a doll, Marionette. When the Hero arrives, Marion has already passed away. After Marionette is kidnapped, the spirit of Marion appears to the Hero and explains the truth of the matter. Later Marion realises the error of her wish and explains this to Marionette - at this point she passes on to the afterlife.


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Marionette (Japanese: マウリヤ [Mauria]) is a doll in Marion Bloome's possession, made to look almost exactly like Marion. She was animated via fygg, in order to live the life that Marion could not. When the Hero arrives at Bloomingdale, Marionette is kidnapped. Upon saving her from the Tyrantula, she returns to Bloomingdale. There she informs everyone that she (as everyone in town still believes she is Marion) will be leaving on a long trip, lends the family's ship to the Hero and gives up the fygg, becoming a lifeless doll once more.


Queen Voluptua[edit]

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Queen Voluptua (Japanese: ユリシス [Yurishisu]) is the daughter and heir of King Aqueus, the High Drator. Neglected by her father, she was rather bitter and abusive of her power as monarch, and began to indulge in hedonism. She is quite arrogant, which leads to the incident involving her pet Drak and a Fygg. After she is helped by the Hero, her demeanor improves and she becomes a better queen.

Voluptua is the latest in a line of female rulers of desert cities in the 'Dragon Quest' series. She is preceded by the queens of Helmunaptra and Isis in Dragon Quest V and III, respectively. However, Voluptua, unlike her predecessors, is much more ill-behaved until later in the story.


Drak (Japanese: アノン [Anon]) is Queen Voluptua's pet lizard, also known as "Draky-woo." It ate a Fygg and transformed into the Grand Lizzier, hoping to protect Voluptua. It appeared to believe that it became mortal (human) and believed to be in love with Voluptua. It returns to normal after being defeated in battle and surrendering the fygg.


Misslei (Japanese: ジーラ [Jīra]) is one of Queen Voluptua's handmaidens. Despite being fired during one of the queen's tantrums, she still tried to help her after Drak's transformation. She remains a loyal servant and is treated better by the queen after Drak returns to normal.

King Aqueus[edit]

King Aqueus (Japanese: ガレイウス [Gareiusu]) is the deceased monarch of Gleeba. Known as the High Drator, he built an expansive aqueduct system to supply water to his desert kingdom. However, he regretted not being there for his daughter, and his ghost can be seen in The Plumbed Depths. There he pleads for the Hero to help his daughter when Drak kidnaps her. His name is a pun on the words 'aqua' and 'hydrate'.


Brunnhild (Japanese: パスリィ [Pasuri]) is a noble yet competitive paladin who offers to instruct the Hero in the ways of the paladin, despite the skepticism of her spirit guide, Willow.


Applaudia (Japanese: サルバリータ [Sarubarīta]) is a former superstar that will guide the Hero down the path of stardom and teach the luminary vocation.

The Iluugazar Plains[edit]


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See main article Larstastnaras

(Japanese name: シャルマナ [Sharumana])


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(Japanese name: ナムジン [Namujin])


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(Japanese name: ラボルチュ [Raboruchu])


(Japanese name: パル [Paru])


Unscrupulous Maximus[edit]

A famous gladiator.


The man living in the house on the hill(Hermany).

Swinedimples Academy[edit]


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Fred (Japanese: モザイオ [Mozaio]) is a student in Swinedimples who goes around with a gang of friends and isn't superstitious. He becomes head boy after the main quest is complete.

Wormwood Creek[edit]

Mayor Stan Doffish[edit]


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(Japanese: ティル [Til])

Other Minor Characters[edit]


Zenus is the Almighty One, the ultimate ruler of the in-game universe of Dragon Quest IX, father of Celestria, and the dweller of Realm of the Almighty.

  • The name Zenus is a play on the name of the king of gods in Greek Mythology, Zeus.
  • According to the Grotto boss Fowleye, the bosses of the Grottos (except for Tyrannosaurus Wrecks and Greygnarl) are parts of Zenus, who was fragmented into ten beings when Corvus attacked the Realm of the Almighty. Despite the apparent unreliability of the source, there are several hints within the bestiary (and the pre-fight chatter from the bosses) which imply that Fowleye's claims are true.


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