Grand Lizzier

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Grand Lizzier (アノン Anon) is a boss in Dragon Quest IX, otherwise known as Drak before it ate the Fygg. It was the pet lizard of Queen of Gleeba, Volptra. He ate a fygg and wished to become mortal so that he could accompany his mistress as a human, but instead he become a giant lizard. Drak is also known by the servants as His Dryness and is called Drakky-Woo by Volptra.


#265 - Grand Lizzier
HP MP Experience Gold
1276 40 6200 1750
Attack Defense Speed
200 158 85
Locations Gleeba - Mirage Mahal - The Plumbed Depths
Skills Flame Breath, War Cry
Family Dragon
Bestiary # 265
Description They fygg-altered form of the Queen of Gleeba's little lizard pal, who turn out held a torch for his mistress all along. He thought that eating a fygg would turn him into a mortal, but it only moved him up a short rung on the evolutionary ladder.
Additional Attributes
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark
100 125 50 50 150 150
Blast Dazzle Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion
50 0 0 0 100 0
Fizzle Inaction Paralyze Poison Charm Magic Res
0 0 0 0 0 75
Blunt Sap Decelerate
0 0 0

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  • It's name is a play on "Grand Vizier", a title of Turkish origin, referring to the sovereign leader of many Muslim nation-states.


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