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Aged Drakulards, they have taken a familiar purple hue to compliment their immense power.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

#256 - Drakulord
Drakulord sprite.png
HP MP Experience Gold
900 0 1500 250
Attack Defense Speed
380 150 93
Dropped Item Hela's Hammer
Locations Zion Cave
Skills Stomp
Thin Air
Family Dragon
Capture Rate Hard
Bestiary # 256
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX, 3DS

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

#254 - Drakulord
Drakulord IX.png
HP MP Experience Gold
1414 255 6800 65
Attack Defense Speed
725 404 286
Dropped Item Dragon scale (common, 1/8)
Dragon claws (rare, 1/64)
Locations Grotto
Skills Boulder Toss
Psyche Up
Family Dragon
Bestiary # 254
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description Their HP is so high they're nigh unkillable, they're hard to hurt with earth and fire, and their skills hit everyone. Watch out!

They're named for the fact that they're lords of the lizardly martial arts, but they have the potential to grow even greater.

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