King Godwyn

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King Godwyn
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
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Japanese name 暗黒皇帝ガナサダイ
Romaji Ankoku kōtei Ganasadai
Title King of the Gittish Empire
Dark Emperor (Japanese)
Race Undead
Human (formerly)
Age More than 300 years
Family King Godfrey (father)

King Godwyn is a character and villain in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. He is the king responsible for the rise of the Gittish Empire. His army was beaten by Greygnarl and his allies 300 years ago, but has recently returned...

Both of King Godwyn's forms have gone on to make regular appearances in the Monsters series of games, as well as various spinoff games.


In his first form, King Godwyn is an immense man and he has gained many inhuman attributes after being revived. His skin is a sickly yellowish-green pallor, his ears are now pointed, and his eyes are solid yellow with small black irises, and he has gained a third eye on his forehead. His pink hair and long beard are unkempt and he now has horns growing from his head and cheeks. On his head, he wears a gold and blue crown adorned with golden wings and a large pair of curved brown horns tipped with gold. His kingly regalia is a majestic dark blue and teal mantle with brown and orange hems, lavender fur lining, and dangling gold jewelry. It is worn over floor-length dark purple robes adorned with lighter purple symbols. In his right hand, King Godwyn holds onto the Scepter of Gitt.

After he is defeated in his first form, he transforms into his monstrous second form which has the appearance of a large skeletal dragon with a humanoid upper body. Almost no vestiges remain of his first form aside from his crown. His three eyes change to black with red irises and he has a large pair of skeletal wings on his back, as well as a large curved spike coming from the back of his spine. His lower body has fused into a long tail, ending in a curved blade, flanked by two bone spikes. He has abandoned his scepter for a long halberd and he holds a tower shield in his left hand, both made of the same teal and blue metal.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Godwyn was once the heir to the House of Gitt, who ruled over Coffinwell. Ambitious, he began creating his own world spanning empire, and assassinated his father Godfrey along with any other threats to his power. Fearing that someone could surpass him, his army had captured the Celestrian Corvus and began siphoning his power in order to summon Barbarus and eliminate all opposition. He was seemingly stopped when Greygnarl and his forces to put a stop to Godwyn's reign.

However, his prisoner Corvus remained in the Oubliette beneath his palace. Consumed with bitter hatred at the Empire's abuse and the betrayal of the citizens of Wormwood Creek while chained down there for the 300 years, he resurrected Godwyn, Barbarus, & the Triumgorate in order to bring ruin to the world. Godwyn's forces quickly captured the Celestrians that descended after the Fyggs fell to the Protectorate, and he sought the fyggs to assure his own world domination (unaware that Corvus was using him).

Aquila, posing as a defector, presented counterfeit fyggs to Godwyn, intending to slay the king and rescue Corvus. However, Godwyn wounded him, leaving the task to the Hero. After the Hero defeats him, he turns into a skeletal monstrosity and attacks again. Despite the new form, he is defeated once again. After Aquila praises his student, Godwyn tries to kill the Hero one last time, but is murdered by Aquila at the cost of his own life.


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

##273 - King Godwyn
HP MP Experience Gold
1970 255 0 0
Attack Defense Speed
168 266 145
Locations Gittingham Palace - L4
Skills Acts twice per turn on even turns
Scepter Ball
Disruptive Wave
Spells Kafrizz
Family ???
Bestiary # #273
Description Cruel king of the Gittish Empire who tasked the Triumgorate with seeking out the fyggs so he could rule the world. His evil spread across the world three centuries ago, when he fought Greygnarl and his gang. His death is shrouded in mystery.
Additional Attributes
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark
100 100 125 100 125 50
Blast Dazzle Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion
100 0 0 0 100 0
Fizzle Inaction Paralyze Poison Charm Magic Res
0 0 0 0 0 75
Blunt Sap Decelerate
0 0 0

#273 - King Godwyn
HP MP Experience Gold
3,250 255 26,500 6,000
Attack Defense Speed
220 266 155
Locations Gittingham Palace
Skills Acts twice per turn
Disruptive Wave
Spells Magic Barrier
Family ???
Bestiary # 273
Description King Godwyn of the House of Gitt's ultimate form. Far fiercer than any of the Triumgorate, he was a truly formidable foe. Consumed by his ambitions of three centuries ago, he tried to use the Fyggs to take over the world. He also murdered Aquila.
Additional Attributes
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark
125 75 125 75 150 50
Blast Dazzle Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion
100 0 0 0 100 0
Fizzle Inaction Paralyze Poison Charm Magic Res
0 0 0 0 0 50
Blunt Sap Decelerate
0 0 0

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

His true form appears as an S-rank monster of the Undead family and appears as a boss during the limited Dragon Quest IX event. He is faced in Chapter 4, Episode 4: Challenge King Godwyn of the event quests. He can also be challenged in All out Battle! The Gittish Empire as well. King Godwyn's True form appears in his own banner alongside Sootheslime.

King Godwyn's True Form (暗黒皇帝ガナサダイ Ankoku kōtei Ganasadai)Tactlogo.png

DQT King Godwyn True Form.png
Family Rank Role
Tact Icon Zombie.png
DQTact Rank Icon S.png DQTact DebuffType.png
Max Level HP MP Move
130 959 380 2
Attack Defense Agility Wisdom Weight
280 228 404 223 50
Basic Skills
First Second Third
Dastardly Trap Bloody Moon* Lance of Death*
Awakening Skills
First Second Third
Macabre Monarch's Trap / Stats Up Woosh Res +25 / Stats Up Lance of Death Potency +5% / Stats Up
Spell Reflect Shield: Battle Start:
Grants a barrier that reflects spells for 2 turns.
Fourth Fifth
Zap Res +25 / Stats Up Lance of Death Potency +5% / Stats Up
Instant Martial Potency Up:
Battle Start: Raises martial potency/effects for 3 turns.
Leader Perks
Lowers enemy Zam resistance by 25% in a 5x5 square around him.
Basic Perks
First Second Third
Max MP +15
Max HP +30
Grave Grievance: When attacked and KO'd by enemy:
Triggers Grave Grievance if within range to counter, 1 time per battle.
Lance of Death +2%
Perk Details
Macabre Monarch's Trap: When attacked by enemy: Often attacks with Dastardly Trap if within range to counter.
Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
Normal Very Weak Very Weak Half Res
Bang Resistance * Zap Resistance * Zam Resistance * Snooze Resistance
Normal Half Res Normal Half Res
Poison Resistance Physical Lock Resistance Spell Lock Resistance Martial Lock Resistance
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Breath Lock Resistance Hobble Resistance * Stun Resistance * Dazzle Resistance
Normal Super Weak Normal Super Weak
Curse Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confusion Resistance Charm Resistance
Half Res Immune Normal Normal


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