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The Following is a list of all important items in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. While most of these are quest-related items, some of them are story-related.

Name Description
File:.png 'Basic Boomeranging' A scroll about boomeranging.
File:.png 'Better Boomeranging' An intermediate scroll about boomeranging.
File:.png 'Bonzer Boomeranging' A high-level scroll about boomeranging.
File:.png 'Wisdom of the Ancients' A nugget of knowledge from Barney's ancestors.
File:.png Angel Falls Badge A mark o' Marco having travelled to Angel Falls.
AngelsTears.pngAngel's Tears Wondrous water from Angel Falls.
File:.png Backscratcher A stick with a bit of a bend that's excellent for easing itchy backs.
File:.png Beardy Weirdy A large lizard with a beard more that a metre long.
Benevolessence.png Benevolessence A crystallised mass of mortal gratitude.
File:.png Bloomingdale Badge A mark o' Marco having travelled to Bloomingdale.
Bodura Grass.png Bodura Grass A magical plant from Gerzuun that drives out demons.
File:.png Bone Chimer A bone that makes a melodic yet maudlin sound.
File:.png Brilliant Biscuits Cracking cookies that shine brilliantly, both in looks and taste.
File:.png Broken Blade A compact cutter used by Madame Couteau for creating fine cuisine.
File:.png Catwright's Parcel A consignment from Catwright, the tip-top whipsmith.
File:.png Cheer-Me-Up A magical herb said to help those who are unhappy.
File:.png Clump of Cloud Fluffy stuff left behind by a cloudy foe.
File:.png Coffinwell Badge A mark o' Marco having travelled to Coffinwell.
File:.png Crown Jewel A giant gem that gleams gloriously.
File:.png Crumpled Letter A message meant for the boy Bryson from Porth Llaffan.
File:.png Crumpled Note A wrinkled and rather grubby piece of paper.
File:.png Dead Man's Dagger A blade that belonged to a battler who was beaten by a beast.
File:.png Dirtbag A bag from Jared for putting top-quality earth in.
File:.png Dragon's Tear A peerless precious stone of profound blue.
File:.png Drakulord's Tooth An enormous gnasher dropped by a drakulord.
File:.png Driver's Licence A certificate to show competence in handling the Starflight Express.
Drunken Dragon.png Drunken Dragon A bracing brew that Greygnarl likes to guzzle.
File:.png Duneberry A desert delicacy that works wonders with the skin.
File:.png Encyclopaedia Gittanica A meticulous treatise on the terrible Gittish Empire.
File:.png Freezing Feather A polar plume that chucks out one heck of a chill.
File:.png Friendant A memento of the firm friendship between Patty and Phoebe.
Fygg.png Fygg A golden fruit of the Great World Tree, Yggdrasil.
File:.png Genie Sanguini Scarf A knitted muffler that's made to measure for a genie sanguini.
Gittish Seal.png Gittish Seal An emblem once proudly possessed by a lieutenant of the Empire.
File:.png Gleeba Badge A mark o' Marco having travelled to Gleeba.
File:.png Goododendron A fashionable flower that's highly sought-after by slimes.
File:.png Gratite A strange stone that makes a miracle happen with heartfelt thanks.
File:.png Grundies Phew! A pair of pants that exude a powerful pong.
File:.png Guestbook A list of particulars about persons staying at Erinn's inn.
File:.png Hammerfang A fearsome fang prised from a power hammer.
File:.png Heavenly Horseshoe A sure shoe for a horse's hoof.
File:.png Hexite A mysterious mass that possesses the power of magic.
HocusChimaeraFeather.png Hocus Chimaera Feather Decorative down of the hocus chimaera that's loved by the ladies.
Inny.png Inny An award given to inncredible inntertainers.
File:.png Jewellery Box A bijou box borne by birds of terrordise.
KeepsakeRing.png Keepsake Ring A precious piece of jewellery lost by an old lady.
File:.png Larrrst Letter A letter left behind by a pirate captain.
File:.png Little Key An old key found at the bottom of a grotto.
LunarDiamond.png Lunar diamond A strange stone that stores the light of the moon.
MagicKey.png Magic Key A key capable of opening locks protected by magic seals.
File:.png Magmalice Handprint A piece of paper with a print of a magmalice's paw.
File:.png Max's Axe An axe that was carried off by the treevil it got stuck in.
File:.png Mega Moai Headprint A piece of paper with a print of a mega moai's massive frame.
File:.png Memento Necklace A keepsake left behind by Anabella.
File:.png Mirror of Reflection A meticulously made miniature hand-mirror.
File:.png Molten Magma A simmering lump of freshly foraged lava.
File:.png Nightmare Nurse A possibly deadly potion that banishes bad dreams.
File:.png Nod's Tear A teardrop shed by noble Nodoph.
File:.png Old Ring A rusty and moss-ridden ring.
File:.png Package from Ma A care package from Walter's dear old Ma.
File:.png Packed lunch A meal made with love and many, many mushrooms.
File:.png Pink Sanguini Scarf A knitted muffler that's made to measure for a pink sanguini.
File:.png Platinum Pick A legendary tool allegedly able to crack any rock.
File:.png Plum Stone The pit of a plum swallowed by a big sea beast.
File:.png Prayer Pearl A dreamlike gem that helps the hopes of heavenly defenders.
QuarantombKey.png Quarantomb Key A queer key that opens the Quarantomb.
File:.png Rag Doll A little girl's doll beloved by Batkhaan.
File:.png Rankened Phial An itsy-bitsy bottle for collecting witch's wrath.
File:.png Royal Seal A golden mark which only a monarch may make use of.
SereneNecklace.png Serene Necklace The necklace Serena was so desperately searching for.
File:.png Snowberian Badge A mark o' Marco having travelled to Snowberia.
File:.png Staff Scroll A secret scripture about the art of staffcraft.
File:.png Stamp Card A card for collecting stamps from ex-inmates of the Gortress
File:.png Stellar Medicine A Stella special that's supposed to stop any illness.
File:.png Teeny Sanguini Scarf A knitted muffler that's made to measure for a teeny sanguini.
File:.png Terrordise Tail Feather A pretty piece of plumage from a bird of terrordise.
ThiefsKey.png Thief's Key A key capable of opening ordinary treasure chests.
File:.png Tinny Tail Feather The ridged rear plumage of a robo-robin.
File:.png Titanic Tincture A mythical medicine that mends the maladies of giants.
File:.png Torn Exam Paper 1 An examination paper that reads, '...0%...'
File:.png Torn Exam Paper 2 An examination paper that reads, '...Lion...'
File:.png Torn Exam Paper 3 An examination paper that reads, '...el 10...'
File:.png Turbo Toad Oil A golden lubricant left behind by expired exploads.
TycoonsTrove.png Tycoon's Trove Sizeable stash stolen by a monster.
UltimateKey.png Ultimate Key A key capable of opening any lock you'd care to mention.
File:.png Wobbly Jelly A gooey gunk that's tricky to take hold of.
WyrmlightBow.png Wyrmlight Bow An irradiant item that allegedly opens the way through the Wyrmward.
File:.png Yggdrasil Bud Fresh foliage from the sacred tree on Pluvi Isle.

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