List of alchemy recipe book locations in Dragon Quest IX

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This is a list of alchemy recipe book locations in Dragon Quest IX. Note that these books are not required in order to make the items contained in them. These books exist to help the player by having a reference for how to make specific items rather than figure them out randomly. There are a total of 373 items that have a listed recipe out of 470 items that can be made using alchemy.

For a list of items which have unlisted alchemy recipes, see List of unlisted alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX.

Town Location Book Title Recipes
Coffinwell Mayor's house 2F Ooh! Nice knife! divine dagger,poison moth knife,batterfly knife,poison needle,assassin's dagger
Coffinwell Mayor's house 2F Casualwear with Fashionable Flair cloak of concealment,gooey gear,majestic mantle, robe of sweet dreams,slood,blessed bottoms
Coffinwell Inn 2F (need magic key) Elements of Alchemy: Fire and Thunder fire blade,inferno blade,lightning lance,storm spear,lightning staff,lightning conductor,magma staff,fire claws,combusticlaws,flametang boomerang,banefire boomerang,flame shield
Coffinwell Phlegming's house Martial Arts Essentials tracksuit top, tussler's top,tracky bottoms, tussler's trousers,finessence
Coffinwell Phlegming's lab Beginner's Alchemy lunaria,magic water,mysterious mixture, hephaestus' flame,aggressence
Coffinwell Phlegming's lab Cat'll Do Nicely feline fan,kitty shield,catty shield,cat ears
Coffinwell Southeast house Get Creative with Fur and Hide fur poncho,fur vest,fur hood,leather gloves,leather kilt
Coffinwell East house 2F Snakey Things to Make and Do snakeskin whip,serpentine whip,sidewinder,cobra fan, large-scale armour
Alltrades Abbey Inn An Encyclopaedia of Steel Weapons steel broadsword,steel lance,spiked steel whip,steel bar,steel claws,steel fan,steel axe
Alltrades Abbey Inn An Encyclopaedia of Steel Armour steel shield,steel helmet,steel gauntlets,steel kneecaps,steel sabatons
Porth Llaffan Mayor's house Head-Turning Fashions trailblazing bandana, mercury's bandana,bunny ears,golden tiara,feather headband,gold circlet
Porth Llaffan Mayor's house Cooking with Carapaces tortoiseshell fan,ace of clubs,shell shield,tortoise shell, tortoiseshell armour
Ship Passenger cabin On the Crest of a Wave trident, Gracos's trident,watermaul wand,tsunami staff,boomer briefs,wonder pants
Dourbridge House behind item shop Intermediate Alchemy perfect panacea,yggdrasil dew, sage's elixir,astral plume,celestial skein,lucida shard
Dourbridge North house Hats Off to Headgear pointy hat, hunter's hat,ear cosy,tricky turban, thief's turban,musketeer hat
Dourbridge North house Don't Roll Your Eyes, Guys -- Accessorise! tough guy tattoo,raging ruby,mighty armlet,ruby of protection,utility belt,rosary
Heights of Loneliness Bottom house Well-Good Weapons staff of sentencing, staff of divine wrath,pillar of strength,sacred claws,foehn fan,gale force fan
Zere Rocks Northeast house Golden Hero, Silver Sage golden axe,gold platter,silver cuirass,filigree mask,gold mail
Bloomingdale Shoemaker's house Platinum Procedures platinum sword,platinum platter,platinum shield,platinum headgear,platinum mail
Bloomingdale Shoemaker's house Put Your Best Foot Forward hobnail boots,classy clogs,stiletto heels,highness heels,sorceress sandals
Bloomingdale Group of 3 houses, third house Avian Alchemy kestrel claws,kite claws,fowl fan,eaglewing,feathered cap
Gleeba Left house by entrance Rings and Things sober ring,contra band,full moon ring,rousing ring,ring of clarity
Gleeba Mirage Mahal 1F nw library Mortal Weapons warrior's sword,fizzle foil,sandstorm spear,halberd,slumber stick,hammer handrills
Gleeba Mirage Mahal 1F nw library Missile Weapons Made Simple reinforced boomerang, cutting-edge boomerang,crucerang, hunter's bow,hotshot bow
Gleeba Mirage Mahal 1F nw library Slanted and Enchanted enchanted shield,enchanted armour,enchanted robes,enchanted gloves,enchanted stone
Gleeba Mirage Mahal 1F ne room An Encyclopaedia of Gigasteel Armour gigasteel shield,gigasteel helmet,gigasteel armour,gigasteel gauntlets,gigasteel kneecaps,gigasteel sabatons
Gleeba The Plumbed Depths B1 An Encyclopaedia of Gigasteel Weapons gigasteel broadsword,gigasteel lance,gigaspike whip,gigasteel bar,gigasteel claws,gigasteel fan,gigasteel axe
Swinedimples Academy 1F east library The Font of all Knowledge rune staff,hieroglyph staff,thinking cap, scholar's circlet,canny cap,saintly robe, fizzle-proof suit, sage's robe,brainy bracer
Swinedimples Academy 1F east library Articles of Faith aurora blade,celestial lance,holy lance, razer-wing boomerang,white shield, white knight's shield,mythril coif,holy mail,holy talisman
Swinedimples Academy 1F east library Ethereal Equipment: The Real Deal ethereal shield,ethereal armour,ethereal robes,ethereal gloves,ethereal stone
Swinedimples Academy 1F east library Advanced Alchemy elfin elixir,birdsong nectar,densinium,sainted soma,sunstone, technicolour dreamcloth
Swinedimples Academy 1F east library Elements of Alchemy: Water and Ice icicle dirk,fenrir fang,mistick,optimistick,ballistick,ice axe,avalanche axe,ice shield,flowing dress
Swinedimples Academy 2F third room Almighty Accessories meteorite bracer,life bracer,monarchic mark,catholicon ring,goddess ring
Swinedimples Academy The Old School B2 Elements of Alchemy: Earth and Wind terra tamper,terra firmer,terra hammer,gusterang,blusterang,blowy bow,billowing bow,blustery bow
Swinedimples Academy The Old School B2 Glad Rags for Glad Lads and Lasses flamenco shirt, dancer's dress, superstar's suit,technicolour tutu,twinkling tuxedo,shimmering dress,star circlet,fancy pants
Wormwood Creek Mayor's house Faerie Tales purblind bow,blinding bow,pixie boots,tricksie boots,spirit bracer,elfin charm
Wormwood Creek Church Items You Won't Encounter Anywhere Else soul breaker,king axe, erazor-wing boomerang,tempest shield,raging bull helm,payback pumps
Wormwood Creek Item shop Sun Worship and Moon Gazing lunar fan,solar fan,moon axe,full moon axe,sun crown,apollo's crown
Upover Northeast house Dragon Digest dragon slayer,dragontail whip,xenlon rod,dragon shield,dragon mail,dragon dress,xenlon robe,dragon top,dragon trousers
Upover Far northwest house Super-Duper Ultra Mega Stuff to Make ?ber falcon blade, uber miracle sword,empowered shield,sacrosanct armour, mega-magical hat
Gortress Guard tower 1F Walk Like a Tank: Heavy Armour and its Uses ogre shield,big boss shield,mythril helm,minotaur helm,spiked armour,sturdy gauntlets,heavy gauntlets,safer shoes,safest shoes
Gittingham Palace 2F Instruments of Evil demon spear, falcon knife earring,demon whip,archdemon whip,king cobra claws,executioner's axe
Gittingham Palace 3F Dress to Impress! Fashions of the Royals princess's robe, queen's robe, empress's robe, prince's pea coat, king's coat, emperor's attire,spellward circlet, marquess's mittens,monarch's mittens
Gittingham Palace 3F In Pursuit of Happiness happy hat,elevating shoes,lucky pendant
Gittingham Palace Oubliette B3 Cooking up the Coolest Kit empress's whip,kaiser axe,silver shield,mirror armour,catroptic armor,celestria's raiment
Gittingham Palace Oubliette B3 Ultimate Alchemy sage's stone,gold bar,agate of evolution,malicite
Western Wormwood Well on plateau Get Dressed for Enlightenment crown of clarity,cape of good karma,blessed bindings, guru's gloves,tantric trousers,brahman boots
Hermany House Weapons Worthy of the Gods Themselves flametang, mega-magical mace, savant's staff,goddess whip,beastmaster claws,friendly fan, titan's hammer,hexarang
Ondor Cliffs House A Hat for All Seasons spring breeze hat,summer cloud hat,autumn shower hat,winter sky hat
Ondor Cliffs Well Orichalcum, Ore of Lore orichalcudgel,orichalcum claws,megaton hammer, warlord's hammer,goddess shield, impregnable leggings
Stornway Inn 1F (starting recipes) strong medicine,special medicine,superior medicine,strong antidote,special antidote,softwort
Stornway Inn 3F (after 25 tags) A Collector's Book of Butterflies and Moths dread dagger,papillon mask,phantom mask
Stornway Inn 3F (after 25 tags) Art of Darkness dark robe,macabre mantle,gloomy gloves,murky mittens
Stornway Inn 3F (after 25 tags) Martial Arts Essentials Vol. 2 killer pillar,azure dragon fan,vermillion bird fan,white tiger fan,black tortoise fan,wu shoes
Stornway Inn 3F (after 25 tags) A Treasure Trove of Tights red tights,green tights,white tights,transparent tights,chainmail socks
Stornway (Quest 4) panacea
Stornway (Quest 4 reward) strength ring,slime earrings,bow tie,agility ring,prayer ring,life ring
Stornway (Quest 20) malleable mask
Stornway (Quest 124 reward) sizzling bikini top, sizzling bikini bottoms,hot bikini top,hot bikini bottoms,silk bustier,divine bustier
Stornway (Quest 137 reward) stratotoga, archangel's robe, master's gloves,immortal trousers,sagacious sandals
Stornway (Quest 144 reward) liquid metal sword,liquid metal spear,liquid metal shield,liquid metal armour,liquid metal helm,liquid metal gloves,liquid metal boots
Gittingham Palace Castle gate (Quest 145) psyche swiper,blessed helm,glorious armour,diana gauntlets,basilic boots
Brigadoom Grave (Quest 178) nebula sword,stud poker,darting dagger,shining staff,mega gringham whip,senseless stick,dragovian claws,overcritical fan,maxi axe,earthsplitter,asterang,archangel's bow