Inferno blade

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The Inferno Blade is a weapon in Dragon Quest IX. It is essentially an upgraded version of the Fire Blade, boasting an additional +16 Attack, but retains the appearance and use effect of the Fire Blade. It cannot be bought, and must be made using Alchemy. The Inferno Blade is the most powerful sword (Attack-wise; the Über miracle sword is close behind, but has a healing effect) that can be obtained until the party acquires a restored Erdrick's sword or finds a Metal slime sword in a Grotto.

Desc: A fiery blade that spits forth flames if used as an item in battle.
Attack: 99
Rarity: 2 stars
Recipe: Fire blade x 1, Sunstone x 1, Rockbomb shard x 3
   Buy: N/A
  Sell: 22000 gold