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The sandstorm spear is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest franchise.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The sandstorm spear has an attack bonus of +67 and is only available by mixing the Partisan and Saint's ashes through alchemy. It can be sold for 5,300 Gold Coins and can be used for the following:

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Desc: A spear that sends sand to blind baddies if used as an item in battle.
Attack: 54
Rarity: 1 star
Recipe: Holy lance x 1, Kitty litter x 2, Glass frit x 2
   Buy: 6600 gold   Sold In: Gleeba, Batsureg, Wormwood Creek
  Sell: 3300 gold


  • A spear that raises a sandstorm to blind enemies when used as an item during combat. (Description when selecting the Sandstorm spear in PS2 Dragon Quest VIII.)
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