Ring of truth

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"A ring that makes the wearer resistant to illusion attacks."

—Description when selecting the Ring of truth in Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)

Ring of truth
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The Ring of truth is an accessory in Dragon Quest VIII.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The ring of truth is an accessory that provides a defense boost of +10, and protects against dazzle. It can be sold for 700 gold. The ring can be obtained in the World of Darkness version of the Godbird's Eyrie and made with a Gold ring and Sandstorm spear through alchemy.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

The ring of truth has a defence bonus of +5 and a bedazzlement protection of 30 percent. The defence bonus can be upgraded to +6, +8, and +10 by using the forge. The bedazzlement protection can also be increased to 35, 40, or 50 percent using the forge. Its recipe is 2 silver ore, 3 panacea, and 1 kitty litter. The recipe is found in a chest in Heliodor castle. All eight party members can equip it.