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The metal dragon (formerly MetalDrak / Metal Drak due to display constraints) is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest V, it is a robotic dragon.


Metal dragons are, naturally, mechanical dragons. They are quadrupeds, moving about on four legs, with a pair of wings and a metallic tube that appears to act as a tail and neck. They have large jaws which make up about half the size of their heads.

Their heavy, metal-composed bodies add to the power of their attacks, making metal dragons fierce physical forces. They are known to try and take huge bites out of their enemies or smash them under their front pair of feet.


Dragon Quest V[edit]

#154 - Metal dragon
Metal dragon.png
HP MP Experience Gold
172 0 610 93
Attack Defense Speed
210 210 94
Dropped Item Metal king armour (1/256)
Locations Talon Tower
Skills Call for help (golem)
Bestiary # 154
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS

The first appearance of metal dragons, though not until nearing the end of the game. They can first be found primarily in the lower reaches of Talon Tower, and then again when the player reaches Nadiria. They are villainous, physically imposing, have high defense, and will often call Golems in to help.

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Mechan-o'-wyrms are identical to metal dragons with the exception of coloring, with mechan-o'-wyrms having gold bodies and red eyes. Generally speaking, mechan-o'-wyrms are superior to metal dragons in nearly all aspects.

#177 - Metal dragon
HP MP Experience Gold
350 0 978 160
Attack Defense Speed
260 270 99
Dropped Item Orichalcum fangs (1/64)
Locations Estark's Labyrinth
Spells Bounce (Activated when battle starts)
Bestiary # 177
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS
Romanji メカバーン

Mechan-o'-wyrms debut as monsters encountered in the game's bonus dungeon. They are extremely powerful and resistant to both physical attacks and magic, the latter especially discouraged since they almost always have Bounce automatically applied and without indication.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Mechan-o'-wyrms appear as rank A members of the Dragon family. It is possible to obtain one from an NPC in the Domus Isle sewers prior to the game's final battle, though the player must choose between the mechan-o'-wyrm or a heligator. Mechan-o'-wyrms can be synthesized using a metal dragon and great dragon.

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The mechan-o'-wyrm's name possibly serves two meanings: a cliché naming convention towards devices stating what the monster is while trying to sound technical, and a pun on the phrase "can of worms". A wyrm is a type of dragon, with the name telling of its mechanical nature, while a can of worms refers to something that can cause problems, something that a mechan-o'-wyrm is more than capable of doing.