Dodgy Dave

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Dodgy Dave
Dragon Quest VIII
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Race Human

Dodgy Dave is a character from Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and resident of Pickham.


After a thief name Mitts acquires a horse and wagon, he decides to bring it to Dodgy Dave's place of business in town and is give 1,000 gold coins.

After the Hero, Yangus and their party acquire the gold, they visit him to regain their friend and wagon.

Dave points the party to Red as she found the goods to be useful.

Trading service[edit]

After giving Red the Venus' Tear, Dodgy Dave will provide the party with payment for any rare items (All that can be made through alchemy) they can bring him upon request. Giving him more than one of each merits simply a reward of gold coins. Following deal includes:

Name First payment Further payment
Special medicine 500 gold coins 400 gold coins
Reinforced boomerang 1,200 gold coins 1,000 gold coins
Ring of immunity Bandit axe 3,500 gold coins
Robe of serenity 6,000 gold coins 4,000 gold coins
Sandstorm spear Happy hat 6,000 gold coins
Crimson robe Big boss shield 12,000 gold coins
Princess's robe Abiding blazer 50,000 gold coins