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Hackzilla is one of several infamous monsters that can be recruited in Dragon Quest VIII. Despite being a silver rank monster, the saurian boast some of the very best potential in the game and will easily find a permanent slot in most player's monster team.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Hero's Level 12 47
HP 145 897
MP 0 0
Attack 53 336
Agility 18 143
Defence 19 239
Exp 103
Gold 31
Bonus turn contribution 0.9
Abilities Falcon Slash, Flame Breath


Coastal forest north of Farebury. Players should not approach Hackzilla until the Hero and Yangus are at least level 8, and even then several Medicinal herbs will be needed.


Hackzilla's Japanese name, Drango (ドランゴ), is the same as Lizzie's. This is likely meant to be a mere homage rather than imply the two are the same.

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