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Frillsaur is an infamous monster in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King that becomes available upon completing the main game. Being a gold rank monster, it is impressively powerful right out of the gate, and boasts some of the highest HP in the game at the peak of its power.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Hero's Level 53 80
HP 830 977
MP 0 0
Attack 283 342
Agility 68 108
Defence 161 244
Exp 471
Gold 71
Bonus turn contribution 1.0
Abilities None


The Untrodden Groves, day only.


As the Frou-Frou is stated to be Rhapthorne's favorite monster and that Frillsaur is only available in the post-game, it's possible that the dragon is a "pet" that ran away after the death of its master.

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